Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mobile Surfing

There are days when all i do is dream of surfing, and days when it barely crosses my mind, but every day it's there.

Over the course of the next 6 months you will see the way shape and form of that love.

In The Beginning

So what ever happened in the Beginning. Was there ever a beginning or was there always something here? Sure things have evolved but from what..... and where did it all come from?

Things surely can't always have been, for something to exist it must have been created. Or is it that we think too narrowly? Is our understanding of Beggining Middle and End flawed? Does it only apply to the rules of our self made understanding of the Universe?

I read Scott Adam's book Gods Debris which gives quite an interesting theory on things. I urge you to give it a read (takes about 1.5 hours).

I remember while in High School I sat next to a friend of mine, Matthew, in Science class. I explained the theory of the Big Bang and the Big Crunch. This is the theory that time reaches the end, stops, then runs backwards again until the Big Bang, which in turn kickstarts it off again.

A few days later I told him that it was proven because someone had made a video tape from the future which could survive this process and told the secrets. He was good student but was obviously gullible in area's that were not his forte.

Can I compare the small trick I played on Matthew to what Religion might put forward to the believers? Are we gullible in the areas which we do not understand?

I'm sure all the answers are lying right under our noses, we just haven't been able to open our minds to see and understand them.