Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Domains Galore

I've gone on a spending spree this year on domain names!
And not just this year, but over the past few years I've managed to pick up more and more domains.

The list now comes in as follows, (*'s indicate ones that I update)


Surfer Mag *
Surfer Mag TV *
Surfer Mag *

Justin Avery - ME

Surf the Dream *

Director of Lemons*
Mysource Matrix *
Mysource Matrix Info
Mysource Matrix Mobile

London Ballet *
London Ballet #2 

No wonder I'm so friggin busy keeping all these updated. I would put an explanation on each of them so you could see what they were about, but go and click on them and see.

I've also now started to help out Laura's uncle with his site for Electrical Services in Thame. It's a pretty basic site that won't win any design awards, but it gives you the information.