Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Surf in Europe

The next few weeks are looking like they're going to be pretty hectic.

I'm coming up to the last 6 days of work for 3 months, and there is still so much work to get done. I've also got a wedding video to edit, Wicked Campers Ireland video and I have to get everything organised for my trip back home to Australia.

Fortunately there's a lot of exciting things coming up also.

1st July is the first day of my 3 month trip, and it's going to be spent filming the Wicked Camper Van tour heading off from London.  There is about 15 vans going and their first stop will be Pamplona for the running of the bulls.

The 2nd July will see us going to Hyde Park to watch Mason Jennings, Jack Johnson and GLove play in an open air concert, I can't wait!  The last time I saw Jack and G Love was back in 2005 with Jimmy, Rol's, Kara and Chani at the Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay.

The next morning at 6am I jump in my own Wicked Camper and start the journey down to Dover to catch the Ferry over to France.  From there I'll set the GPS on Smashed Travel Camp grounds in Pamplona, the video camera up on the passenger side of the car, and then start to see the continent of Europe.

We'll be there until after the running of the bulls, where myself and Denis will head up to Bieritz for a surf and then back to Barcelona to drop off the cars.  Then it's back to London, grab my stuff, and back on a plane for Australia.

And that's just the first 2 weeks of Summer!

It's been a busy last few months at work, but things are starting to look up for Surf the Dream and I can sense the regular posts on great adventures are not far away at all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hard Hat Crew

The Stockwell household decided to throw a bit of a party over the weekend.

Thankfully there aren't too many pictures of the carnage in the morning, but it sure was a fun evening.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Team Justin

It's been about 8 months since Team Justin was together in force, and after the quick catch up in Amsterdam the team is hoping it's going to be another 8 months before we catch up again.

20 hours that we did catch were put to good use, to say the least, and more then made up for 8 months of missed chats over a pint.

It is said that you should always do things in moderation, and I've found that there are binge "Team Justin" sessions which would leave a lesser man in search of bridge to hurl themselves from, tram to jump in front of, or crazy amsterdam bicyclist to be run down by.

Thankfully, what goes on tour............ well you know the rules.

All in all, Amsterdam is a fantastic place. And if I didn't accidently book my return flight for August, have to rebook another flight for today and have to pay for my train ticket to the airport twice, the 2 days I was here were an absolute pleasure.

Thank you Justin, thank you Amsterdam, I thank you to ensure that the two never have to meet again.