Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Wave Surfing in Ireland

I'm heading over to Dublin tonight from the City Airport in London.

From there I'm getting a hire car and driving over to the West Coast of Ireland with the camera in the hope to catch some of the 35 - 95ft swell hitting the region this weekend.

Fingers crossed I'm going to get it sweet. I'll post photo's and film as soon as I can.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surfing Morocco

That's right! I'm heading out of the freezing cold climate of England and am heading to the slightly less freezing climate of Agadir and Taghazoute.

I'm flying in to Agadir, spending a couple of days around the surrounding surf beaches before heading inland through the mountains and up to Marrakesh before flying back to London get back to work.

I'm booking everything today, so fingers crossed there's still going to be some flights around that time or you could see a very disappointed follow up post.

If anyone is keen to come along for a surf trip post a comment and I'll get back to you with more details.

Fingers crossed............

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Night out at the Daaaags

Tonight was one of my new work mates farewells.

We had talked about a few options earlier in the week, all revolving around the pub, but ended up deciding to make it just a little bit more special and head out to Walthamstow greyhounds.

Now I have to say that I've been to the dog's a few times in my life time, but this was some thing different.

For those in Australia, going from the Winnellie Greyhounds to the Walthamstow is like going from the Tennant Creek races to the Melbourne Cup.

There were 14 races between 7:45 an 10:30, and I didn't back a single winner. I wanted to do my normal trick and just back the pink for the night, but of course there were no pink dogs running. In fact, there are only 6 dogs in each race which greatly reduced the different colours I could back, but didn't make my winning ways any better.

The night was great........ as the pictures will show, but at the moment I've been sitting on the train for nearly an hour stopped waiting for another train to clear the tracks.

Grear night.............. bloody ordinary trip home.

The good thing is that I've decided, due to the sheer cold of the track, that I need to get out of the UK for christmas. I'm planning to head over to Morocco for a surfing 10 days in the near warm waters.

Tonnes of stuff to do at work tomorrow, but loving every minute of it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Surfing in Bath

I've literally just stepped back into the house after a surfing weekend trip to Bath with Rol's.

I won't go into detail now, but Bath is a fantastic place and is easily my favourite city so far in the UK.

I'll post photo's and write about the adventures, but for now I'll just say a quick thanks to Carrol and Jules for having us in their fantastic house, and to Holly, Ness and Elly for making our stay extra special.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wicked Camper Adventure to Edinburgh - The Film

Edingburgh Wicked Camper Adventure - Intro

Edinburgh Wicked Camper Adventure - Movie

Edinburgh Wicked Camper Adventure - Pictures

Edinburgh Wicked Camper Adventure - Credits

Monday, November 05, 2007

Surf Trip to Portugal

This is the starting post in what is going to be a great weeks holiday in Portugal.

For all those that stumble across this post are keen to join in on the fun, make sure you add a comment to this blog and let me know how to get in contact with you. For all my friends reading my updates, now is your chance to start planning a holiday and catch up an unforgettable week away (James, there is no sharks here at all...... promise).

Now there are no excuses for you not to come along on this surf trip. It's not going to be until next year after winter so you have plenty of time to save money, apply for leave, and to hit the gym so you're ready to get into your surf wear and show off your hot body. Of course, those of us coming from the UK will be showing off our white-if-not-see-through bodies, but once they get some sun you'll be impressed.

For those that don't like surfing.............. well what are you doing reading this blog. Go away!

Only kidding. If you don't like surfing you are still going to enjoy camping on the beach and listening to the waves crash at night, still enjoy sitting around a campfire while Tod, Tyson and myself woo you with our acoustic pop hits (by the way Tod and Tyson, you're already penned in for this one), and love the scenery, good food and cheap beer!

Dates are still very much in the air, but I am keeping in mind that the week of Anzac day is OUT, however we could do it a week either side of it to coincide it with our Aussie and Kiwi travellers. I was going to plan to have it over the Easter weekend, but that is going to fall in March this year and from what I've heard that is still going to be too cold to be enjoyable in the water.

The camp will last for 7 days, including the pick up and drop off days from Porto airport.

The cost is, at the moment for off season, 280 euro's for camping, and a little more for caravans and again more for the beach house. I'm only going to be organising tents for now, but if it turns out that we can get everyone into a beach house for the same price or cheaper then I'll go with that.

There are discounts for groups, but again that will depend on the number of people coming along.

The price will include your airport transfers, breakfast, accommodation, surf lessons, equipment (surfboards, rash guards, wet suits etc), all you need to do is cover lunch/dinner, beers and flights in and out of Porto.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if you've surfed for 15 years or 15 seconds, everyone will get what they are after from this week.

Let me know if your interested!

Edinburgh Wicked Adventures - Part 3

We found a park next to the castle and piled out of the wicked vans.

When I say next to the castle I'm technically correct, it was indeed next to the castle. It was also about 50 meters below the entrance to the castle, which made for a breathtaking walk (not scenic breath taking, just 9 unfit campers).

We reached the front gates amongst a heap of tourists and took in the great castle before us. We also took in the £11 entry fee and had a quick team meeting about what we were going to do. Actually, change that. We had a lengthy team meeting which resulted in a lot of "I'm not really keen, but I'll go if your keen" for every possible idea that was put forward.

Eventually we decided that the £11 would be better served sampling the fine scotch in Edinburgh as opposed to rushing through a tour of a bunch of old rooms in the castle. We will be back one day, by train, and that's when we'll do the castle tour.

We headed off down the main street and found the best pub serving the best Scotch in Edinburgh. Actually, we just walked until we found the first pub down the road and each ordered a drink.

We sat outside and, although I'd like to say enjoyed our Scotch, reluctantly downed our drinks. Fortunately we had some beer chases to go with the straight scotch, and had we stayed there I'm pretty sure you know the direction we would have been heading.

Everyone split up and checked out some cheesey tourist shops and got our blankets and bagpipes and hats and key rings and whatever else reminded us of Scotland.

After an hour and a half, and well past our car tickets, we headed back to the cars and went in search of a place to spend the night.

Unfortunately Edinburgh, while not as big as London, doesn't have readily available fields for us to pitch our tents and make our own. Instead we headed out of town in search of a caravan park or a nice patch of grass in the woods.

When we came across the only available caravan park in Edinburgh two of the girls went inside to organise prices and exactly where we were going to park up. Unfortunately one of our crew had forgotten to hit the bathroom prior to leaving the pub and decided that the caravan grounds was the only option.

So not to incriminate anyone I'll change the name. There was Rob Tobinson behind one of the hedges reliving himself in what he thought was a great spot, while one of the elderly gentlemen around the place walked past and stopping to say "That's not on mate, that's not on".

A minute later, and while the girls were organising a place inside the office, the guy walked in yelling about not letting the two vans stay at the campground overnight because of the vulgar display of Mr Google.

Well that was one decision made on our behalf.

It was a good thing though, because we ended up down the road a few minutes staying in a warm bed in the Globe Trotters Hostel, complete with bar and pool table.

Most of the crew began to play some drinking games while I excused myself to the bar to watch the Rugby Union World Cup final with the Essex boys.

At half time we made a made dash into the city and found the first pub that was playing the game, and fortunately it was right next door to the kickingest (yes, it is a word) bar in Edinburgh, the Whistle Binkies. They had on a cover band that played all the rock hits of the 80's, the cure, acdc etc and had an awesome female lead singer with a sparkling gun belt buckle.

We rocked out there for an hour or so before heading off to find a better pub. Unfortunately, and as we soon learned, that was the best pub in Edinburgh and everything else just paled in comparison.

Two by two we headed back to the hostel and into the bar for a few more drinks and a couple of games of pool, and then slowly but surely we all ended up crashing out in the rooms after what was a fairly long and exciting day.

We had to be at breakfast in the morning before 9am and had to check out at 10am, and one of us was going to set the alarm. At 9.50 I got out of bed and checked my phone....... and the excitement started again for the third day on the road.