Sunday, January 28, 2007

Myspace Videos

I've started to put together a few short snippets of film onto my own MySpace page.

Here is my favourite at the moment, Margaret River 2006

Add to My Profile | More Videos

I'll aim to add one a week, so I'll have to see how much I can edit in between work and play.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Songs on the Road

As welll as writing about the trip I knocked out two songs towards the end of my trip.

Strange thing was I wanted to write a song throughout the whole trip, but even with 1/2 the Australian coast line as a muse I couldn't pen anything down, nor could I get the fingers moving on the guitar.

Of course, once things settled down and I was relaxing ideas began to start flowing, but I still didn't have anything I really wanted to write about.

Step in girls. That's right, it was the girls that finally gave me my muse and I ended up writing two songs in two nights.

It's funny how the whole east coast of Australia can't stir up enough emotion for a song, but a simple sms and someone leaving the holiday house provides more then enough fuel for the fire.

Anyway, I came across this site which gives some basics to guitar playing and the theory around music, I'll have to revisit it to polish these off, but anyone learning should have a look through the site.

Welcome To The Essential Guitar Guide

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dark Matter Shows it's face

I did a fair bit of reading while I was on my trip, and mostly it consisted of flicking through New Scientist magazines.

Unfortunately that led me to having a conversation with a self apparent genius on the flight home (he informed me that a better way to distribute meals on the plane was through chaos theory rather then the rigid seat by seat row by row system).

But all other times it gave me a chance to stretch my mind and soak up the sun down at the beach in between surfs. -- Astronomers Create 3D Map of Dark Matter

My New Baby - 7S superfish

I'm back with much to tell, but first let me introduce you to the newest member of my travelling family.

:: global surf industries - 7S superfish ::

The best thing is that we got off to a fantastic start in Port Macquarie and that continued onto Wilson's Prom and Darby's Beach.

More to come.