Wednesday, February 28, 2007

House Lisiting for 17 Margaret Street

New version of the house display. This was saved as a FLV file with 400 bits per second. Changes were made to the descriptions.

This house is actually available, it's just something I wanted to test out.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Augie March - One Crowded Hour

WMV One Crowded Hour - Augie March

One Crowded Hour - Augie March

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Surf The Dream @ Blog Spot gets a face lift

I was happy with the way the other template turned out so I thought I'd try it out here.

I do like the plain white background, but this was pretty cool too.

Let me know what you think.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Surf the Dream Myspace has a face lift

A friend of mine left a comment on MySpace this afternoon heckling me about the lack of design.

Most people that know me realise that I can make things work, and it's someone else's job to make them look pretty. Well that's my general rule until someone points out that it looks crap.

Now I'm not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but here's what I was able to come up with.

This was the first picture. It was taken by Lili, my first ever couchsurfer. The idea was to create a bit of a cartoon type picture from a normal photo.

The second photo for Surf the Dream was from Kylie and Paul's wedding a few years back.......
...... but the picture was still a little bit too detailed and busy for my liking. I wanted something simple that wouldn't take control of the page. It should be striking but not be the main focus.

I came across Xavier Rudd's Myspace site and thought it looked good. It had a picture of him getting ready to go Surfing as profile picture, but it was the image to the left with the title which I thought was a good look.

So onto picture 3 for Surf the Dream.

I always liked this photo of myself and Kane, another one taken at Kylie and Paul's wedding.

Actually, I always liked the color of the photo, I don't know what I was doing with that half smile half snarl........ who knows.

I put a bit of Filter - Artistic - Cut Away in CS Photoshop 2 and came up with picture number 4.

This looks better, especially now that my silly facial expression has gone. Unfortunately I couldn't get the picture to position properly on the page, so more had to be done.

Going with the look of Xavier's site I decided to do a bit of cropping and filling, the adding Surf the Dream into the title and ended up with this.

And that's where I finished it. I edited the layout a little, updated the borders of the tables to dashes and changed the background to match the picture. You can see the final result by visiting Surf the Dream at

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Surf Round the World Itinerary

This is it, booked in and ready to go. The only thing for it now is to save save save.













Most-premature baby allowed home

BBC NEWS | Americas | Most-premature baby allowed home

This is an absolutely amazing story.

There's a quote in the article "Even though she's only four pounds (1.8kg) now, she's plump to me".

That reminds me about my "niece" who was born about 3 years ago. I quoted niece because she's not actually related to me, but her mum once referred to me as Aunty Justin and it has stuck since then.

She was born 2 months premature and we spent many an hour down in premature ward at the hospital, as much for support for Mum and Dad as to see the baby.

She was still sooooo tiny when they finally got to take her home, but when I look at her now I can't believe how much she's grown. (I secretly call her Cartman, she's turned into such a cute little porker).

Now she's full of life and bounces off walls while another recent edition to my close friends family follows her around the house. During a recent holiday they were inseparable, with the eldest teaching the youngest how to open bathroom doors..... while people are still showering!

We even walked into a bedroom to find them both sitting on the top bunk giggling. At nearly 3 and 1.5 years old they had opened the bedroom door and climbed up the ladder to the top bunk for a play. FREAKED us out, but they were having fun and no one broke a bone (touch wood).

Kids. They're just the best thing in the world. Being a kid was great, and now watching kids as they play and continue to grow is one of the times when I'm happiest in life.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Songs on the Road

I've reposted this because I've since recorded the music and added it to video on my MySpace

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Songs for the Road

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Step off the plane and into my life,
Never thought you would ever cause this much strife.
You sent a picture through the phone which looked kinda neat,
At the airport I gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Next there was dinner and a couple drinks at the bar,
I didn't get you home till about half past four.
Bursting bladder blistered feet and a long walk home
But I left without a kiss how could I've been so wrong. could I've been so wrong.

As quickly as you got there you were gone again,
The trip seemed to finish before (it had) a chance to begin.
An sms here and a picture message there,
And a polaroid or two while hairdressers are cutting hair.

I sit trying to put my finger on what and why,
When you left the house this morning it made me feel like crying,
It's the smile and the blue eyes and your cute little nose,
It's the fact that you've got the same length on 3 of your toes.
It's the laughter, compassion, and the little bit of sass,
And of course the fact you've got an incredible ass. incredible ass yeah....

It's the bites, the reactions and your love for the spa,
It's the 16 pairs of shoes you take where ever you are.
It's your kindness, conversation, love for all living things,
Wrinkled toe ring, Simpsons beads and a white shell ring.
It's the hapiness I feel when you look over and smile,
And the feelings I haven't felt in too long of a while.

You'll probably never get this but I just had to sing
About a girl who makes a boy feel this kind of thing yeah.
..... about a girl who makes a boy feel this king of thing yeah...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Round The World Trip Begins Today

I'm going to go so far as to say that this is the first day of my round the world trip.

There's been pre planning, things that have led up to this moment, but nothing quite as significant so far.

The trip is booked!

The tickets are paid for!

The taxes (damn taxes) are paid for!

And, against my better (some would say foolish) judgement the travel insurance is covered.

While it has taken a fairly substantial chunk out of my savings it is the first real step forward.

And what better night then the night I start Spanish classes.

Being back in a school classroom is bizarre, and what's worse is it is my old school. It's quite funny that on a day of beginnings I have a myriad of memories from 10 years ago come flooding back.

Ask yourself what has changed over the past 10 years and you'll struggle to come up with anything of significance, but if you look closely it's been nothing but significant in producing the person you are today.

So what will the next few months leading up until 19th May 2007 bring? I can only imagine it will be over awed of what the 11 months following will bring not just to expand my mind and broaden my horizons, but reshape the person I am.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

East Coast Road Trip Part 1

I've started to put up short clips of the trip from Brisbane to Melbourne.

While I plan to get something up there once a day the reality of it will be once a week.

Click on the link below to have a look and be sure to post comments as you watch.

East Coast Road Trip Part 1

How to get from Brisbane to Melbourne in 14 Days

After talking to a few people about the trip and the costs I thought I'd break it down and give an overview to what you'd expect to pay for this type of adventure.

It's broken up into 4 different types of expenses. Ambiance, Surfing, Accommodation and Driving. You should note that this has not covered Alcohol or Food, but most places $2-$4 scooners of beer and $10-$25 Scotch Fillet Steaks. Also, the ambiance is the things that you wouldn't need to do, but was part of the trip. For instance Polaroid film, going to a music festival, buying a jimi hendrix CD because I had a jimi hendrix van etc etc.

I didn't have to pay accommodation while at the festival though, and I also parked the car and slept in a few car parks, but then that's all part of the whole experience.

You should also make note that the Wicked Van hire will change depending on the time of year. I traveled during the shoulder and peak seasons, but it's much cheaper in the off season.

Finally, you can hire surfboards for between $10-$20 a day, I may have gone a bit overboard in that department ;)

What: Virgin Blue Flight Darwin to Brisbane
Where: Darwin
Cost: $191.00
Why: Flights
Date: 05/12/2006

What: Wicked Camper Van 14 days hire 9 @ $85.00 5 @ $70.00 1 Way $100.00
Where: Brisbane
Cost: $1355.00
Why: Driving
Date: 9/12/2006 10:00

What: 35.79L @ 1.139/L
Where: Riverside Quay Springwood
Cost: $40.76
Why: Driving
Date: 9/12/2006 12:00

What: Rip Curl Coffin Bag
Where: Burleigh Heads
Cost: $279.95
Why: Surfing
Date: 09/12/2006

What: Rip Curl Wetsuit
Where: Burleigh Heads
Cost: $249.95
Why: Surfing
Date: 09/12/2006

What: FCS Surf Wax
Where: Burleigh Heads
Cost: $3.95
Why: Surfing
Date: 09/12/2006

What: 2 x 10 Polaroid Film
Where: Byron Bay Photo
Cost: $54.95
Why: Ambiance
Date: 12/12/2006

What: 35.92L @ 1.159/L
Where: Lennox Head
Cost: $43.63
Why: Driving
Date: 11/12/2006

What: 34.04L @ 1.259/L
Where: Kempsy
Cost: $42.86
Why: Driving
Date: 12/12/2006

What: Calypso Holiday Park Powered Camp Site
Where: Yamba
Cost: $24.00
Why: Accommodation
Date: 12/12/2006

What: 4 Outlet Powerboard
Where: Yamba
Cost: $4.95
Why: Ambiance
Date: 13/12/2006

What: Jimi Hendrix CD
Where: Yamba
Cost: $30.00
Why: Ambiance
Date: 13/12/2006

What: Sawtel Beach Caravan Park Powered Site
Where: Sawtel
Cost: $26.00
Why: Accommodation
Date: 13/12/2006 17:49

What: Cresent Head Holiday Park Powered Site
Where: Cresent Head
Cost: $27.00
Why: Accommodation
Date: 14/12/2006 15:36

What: 7S Fish Surfboard
Where: Macksville
Cost: $599.00
Why: Surfing
Date: 15/12/2006

What: Tickets, Shirt, Stubbie Cooler
Where: Festival of the Sun
Cost: $95.00, $20.00, $10.00
Why: Ambiance
Date: 15/12/2006 - 16/12/2006

What: unknownL @ Unknown/L
Where: O'Sullivans Retreat
Cost: $45.76
Why: Driving
Date: 17/12/2006 11:08

What: Australian Flag, Aussie Tatoo's
Where: Randwick
Cost: $7.00, $1.00
Why: Ambiance
Date: 18/12/2006

What: 31.79L @ 1.147/L
Where: Waterloo
Cost: $36.46
Why: Driving
Date: 19/12/2006 09:59

What: Sony DV Tapes pack of 5
Where: Nowra
Cost: $34.95
Why: Ambiance
Date: 19/12/2006

What: 32.23L @ 1.259/L
Where: Batehaven
Cost: $40.58
Why: Driving
Date: 19/12/2006 15:16

What: Tathra Beach Tourist Park Powered Site
Where: Tathra
Cost: $25.00
Why: Accommodation
Date: 19/12/2006 17:47

What: Blue Tac, Thermometer
Where: Eden Mitre 10
Cost: $5.20, $9.90
Why: Ambiance
Date: 20/12/2006 09:44

What: 27.94L @ 1.289/L
Where: Eden
Cost: $36.01
Why: Driving
Date: 20/12/2006 10:00

What: 30.56L @ 1.185/L
Where: Bairsdale
Cost: $36.22
Why: Driving
Date: 20/12/2006 14:35

What: 23.58L @ 1.249/L
Where: Foster
Cost: $29.45
Why: Driving
Date: 20/12/2006 17:22

What: Phillip Island Caravan Park Powered Site
Where: Phillip Island
Cost: $26.00
Why: Accommodation
Date: 22/12/2006

What: 20.16L @ 1.249/L
Where: Grantvilled Bass Hwy
Cost: $36.22
Why: Driving
Date: 23/12/2006 10:02

What: Virgin Blue Flight Melbourne to Darwin
Where: Melbourne
Cost: $221.00
Why: Flights
Date: 09/01/2007

So when reviewing the break up it comes to

Flights: $412.00
Driving: $1742.95
Accommodation: $128.00
Ambiance: $272.95
Surfing: $1132.85

Total: $3688.75

Was it worth it? It was worth twice that much!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Australia loses the cricket to England

...... and we spend 3 days on it.

It started innocently enough.

One of my work mates is leaving and wanted to catch up for a beer after work and watch the beginning of England's Innings in the first one day final.

Why not? The friday night draw at the pub was up to $3000 anyway so I wanted to see if I could win that (again). Well what started with an innocent drink turned into one of the bigger weekends I've had.

We grabbed a table in front of the TV and next to a couple who were sitting back watching the cricket having a few beers as well, and when Brett Lee had the opener out LBW (although the ball was missing leg stump) I realised it was a Pommy couple after much swearing and disgust from the guy.

After a bit of friendly banter we met the couple, Michael and Jacqui, and proceeded to spend one of the better weekends ever.

We spent the rest of that night exchanging cricketing stories and beers as England crawled their way to victory, and the next day we were back in there at 4pm watching the Rugby.

We dragged them from the pub to a friends house warming where not only did we pinch some guys 6 beers (the host offered them to us... we're not camels), but Clarky also pinched his car keys. This happened about the same time that two girls were screaming at each other to leave the "situation" about a boy alone....... but neither of them would stop talking for long enough to let it go.

This all seemed pretty funny to us, but mainly because we'd just stopped off for shooters to break up a huge 15 minute walk.

On the way back to the pub after the house warming we stopped off for more beers at Lizards, and the girls had lipstick flavoured daiquiris. Of course Jacq's and Clarky nearly missed us because they were lagging behind arguing.

Back to the pub we started at 4pm, but this time it was 1am, and after a few more drinks we got a lift home from one of the band members.

All we needed now was a day to recover....... or we could get more beer and spend the day watching the cricket with everyone again.

This followed along the lines as you would expect, the boys sat inside with beers discussing cricket while the girls sat outside and talked about...... well they talked about stuff I suppose, I was too busy watching us lose the cricket.

The American guy staying with us, Nick, needed to head into town so I let him take the car in, which he then decided to bounce off the gutter. An hour later the car is stuck in town with a flat tyre, and spare with no air.

The night finished off nicely, no one died and lots of fun was had, but I still had to get up in the morning and change the tyre on my car in the stinking hot weather before heading to work with FAAAAR less brain cells then I recall having at 4.30pm Friday afternoon.

Was it worth it? It always is. This time was a little bit extra special though, we got to meet Clarky and Jacq's, and it's one of those times when you know that you'll stay in touch and remain friends for life.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Discovery Dancers and Kid Kenobi

Well first off I have to say that the girls definately work for their money. There were jumping around on the podiums, getting the crowed going... it made me sweat just looking at them.

The filming went alright, however again the low light inside a nightclub made it tough to get a decent shot, and this time we didn't have the luxury of throwing flood lights on the girls (obviously not literally throwing them, that would probably kill or seriously mame them).

I sat around the vacant balconies while Walker and, my new american friend ,Nick roamed around the floor taking footage from below the dancers.

Oh and yes, it turns out that no matter how fit you are, filming from a low angle is not very flattering for the neck and chin area. Having said that, we'll be sure to omit any of those shots for the final piece of work (and then use them for blackmail;)

Once the girls moved from the back podiums to the front of the stage next to the DJ things picked up a lot more. More people hit the dance floor, which spurred on the DJ to move it up a gear, and hallelujah the lights started hitting the girls (again, not literally.... death).

Of course by then it was late, so I got a couple of wide shots with to capture the whole atmosphere, a couple of full body with shots with the crowd dancing below and a couple of really tight shots of the head and upper body, and the hair and arms being flung around like feces in a monkey enclosure.

In the end I didn't actually get to see Kid Kenobi play, but the night was a heap of fun and I think we got some pretty good shots by the end of the night.

Now alls thats left is to get the editing tools out and cut something useful.

Oh, and on a final note we took a straw poll and voted Red as the best dancer of the night. Go Red!

Cars like computers?

Cars like computers?

I couldn't get on to blogger by itself, so I thought I'd get on by blogging about another web page. I work with computers so it's kind of funny to see it in that light.

The filming last night went well, and different to what I expected. The nightclub itself is a lot smaller when the lights are on and you're one of 10 people there, and I don't remember it ever smelling that bad.

The lighting was extremely poor, only one in fact, but I was able to get a flood light to help with things. I watched some of the video this morning, and most angles it looks alright even with the camera set to -3db. The girls stand out quite well, and the background is pretty much solid black.

The Canon XL1S is known for it's bad performance in low light, but I was happy enough with the result.

The aim was to get as many angles and different shots as possible for that session, which on review will give us an idea of what to and where to shoot from next time.

We were rewarded with tickets to see kid kenobie tonight, not much of a DJ fan but it'll be good chance to see how the camera goes on a "Disco" night with the lights going.

Big thanks to Pete Walker for getting me involved, and to Poppy who has organised it all.

If there's some decent footage from the Kid Kenobie gig tonight I'll put it up on my Myspace Videos

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Filming Young Hot Girls

Well that sounds kind of wrong, but it's true.

I got home on Monday afternoon and had a msn message waiting for me.

"Do you want to film the Discovery Girls on Wednesday night"

Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I do!

For those that are not aware, and I assume that is all of you, Discovery is the local nightclub which caters for the 18-22 age bracket. It's great during those years, but after a while you just want to go to the pub so you can hear the person next to you.

The message was from an old mate of mine who has recently bought a 3ccd chip camera and is always on the look out to do a bit of filming. We've always talked about doing some nature footage, sunsets, storms and the like, but this seemed HEAPS better.

Unfortunately the filming is only going to pay $15 an hour, but it's better then nothing, and I'm trying to keep out the thoughts that most of the dancers we're still in Primary School when I started working after high school.

Oh well, it's all practice and experience. Who knows, i may be in Stolkholm when someone asks me if I've had any experience in filming nightclub dancers.....

"Why yes, I have done that before."

Overheard in the Office | We May Have Lost Our Laser-like Focus on the Customer, Though

Overheard in the Office | We May Have Lost Our Laser-like Focus on the Customer, Though

I came across this yesterday and thought it was pure gold.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back in the swing of things

Well it's been a few weeks now and I've got back into the swing of things at work. I still sporting hair in desperate need of a cut and a ridiculously patch beard which needs a shave, but things are moving along nicely.

One of my long time good friends, Jill Cahill, has embarked on a journey to Spain. Jill is the first of us to set off on her round the world adventure, with Chani, then myself and then Kara to follow.

Jill has had a dream start, flights all on time, the fact she had no visa hasn't been an issue, the only problem is that her luggage still hasn't arrived some 4 days later.... Oh well, fingers crossed she was wearing her favourite clothes on the way there.

My intinerary needs to be completed this weekend as I'm booking and paying for the ticket on monday. I'm a little bit excited!