Saturday, February 24, 2007

Surf the Dream Myspace has a face lift

A friend of mine left a comment on MySpace this afternoon heckling me about the lack of design.

Most people that know me realise that I can make things work, and it's someone else's job to make them look pretty. Well that's my general rule until someone points out that it looks crap.

Now I'm not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but here's what I was able to come up with.

This was the first picture. It was taken by Lili, my first ever couchsurfer. The idea was to create a bit of a cartoon type picture from a normal photo.

The second photo for Surf the Dream was from Kylie and Paul's wedding a few years back.......
...... but the picture was still a little bit too detailed and busy for my liking. I wanted something simple that wouldn't take control of the page. It should be striking but not be the main focus.

I came across Xavier Rudd's Myspace site and thought it looked good. It had a picture of him getting ready to go Surfing as profile picture, but it was the image to the left with the title which I thought was a good look.

So onto picture 3 for Surf the Dream.

I always liked this photo of myself and Kane, another one taken at Kylie and Paul's wedding.

Actually, I always liked the color of the photo, I don't know what I was doing with that half smile half snarl........ who knows.

I put a bit of Filter - Artistic - Cut Away in CS Photoshop 2 and came up with picture number 4.

This looks better, especially now that my silly facial expression has gone. Unfortunately I couldn't get the picture to position properly on the page, so more had to be done.

Going with the look of Xavier's site I decided to do a bit of cropping and filling, the adding Surf the Dream into the title and ended up with this.

And that's where I finished it. I edited the layout a little, updated the borders of the tables to dashes and changed the background to match the picture. You can see the final result by visiting Surf the Dream at

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