Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Australia loses the cricket to England

...... and we spend 3 days on it.

It started innocently enough.

One of my work mates is leaving and wanted to catch up for a beer after work and watch the beginning of England's Innings in the first one day final.

Why not? The friday night draw at the pub was up to $3000 anyway so I wanted to see if I could win that (again). Well what started with an innocent drink turned into one of the bigger weekends I've had.

We grabbed a table in front of the TV and next to a couple who were sitting back watching the cricket having a few beers as well, and when Brett Lee had the opener out LBW (although the ball was missing leg stump) I realised it was a Pommy couple after much swearing and disgust from the guy.

After a bit of friendly banter we met the couple, Michael and Jacqui, and proceeded to spend one of the better weekends ever.

We spent the rest of that night exchanging cricketing stories and beers as England crawled their way to victory, and the next day we were back in there at 4pm watching the Rugby.

We dragged them from the pub to a friends house warming where not only did we pinch some guys 6 beers (the host offered them to us... we're not camels), but Clarky also pinched his car keys. This happened about the same time that two girls were screaming at each other to leave the "situation" about a boy alone....... but neither of them would stop talking for long enough to let it go.

This all seemed pretty funny to us, but mainly because we'd just stopped off for shooters to break up a huge 15 minute walk.

On the way back to the pub after the house warming we stopped off for more beers at Lizards, and the girls had lipstick flavoured daiquiris. Of course Jacq's and Clarky nearly missed us because they were lagging behind arguing.

Back to the pub we started at 4pm, but this time it was 1am, and after a few more drinks we got a lift home from one of the band members.

All we needed now was a day to recover....... or we could get more beer and spend the day watching the cricket with everyone again.

This followed along the lines as you would expect, the boys sat inside with beers discussing cricket while the girls sat outside and talked about...... well they talked about stuff I suppose, I was too busy watching us lose the cricket.

The American guy staying with us, Nick, needed to head into town so I let him take the car in, which he then decided to bounce off the gutter. An hour later the car is stuck in town with a flat tyre, and spare with no air.

The night finished off nicely, no one died and lots of fun was had, but I still had to get up in the morning and change the tyre on my car in the stinking hot weather before heading to work with FAAAAR less brain cells then I recall having at 4.30pm Friday afternoon.

Was it worth it? It always is. This time was a little bit extra special though, we got to meet Clarky and Jacq's, and it's one of those times when you know that you'll stay in touch and remain friends for life.

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