Sunday, February 18, 2007

Songs on the Road

I've reposted this because I've since recorded the music and added it to video on my MySpace

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Songs for the Road

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Step off the plane and into my life,
Never thought you would ever cause this much strife.
You sent a picture through the phone which looked kinda neat,
At the airport I gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Next there was dinner and a couple drinks at the bar,
I didn't get you home till about half past four.
Bursting bladder blistered feet and a long walk home
But I left without a kiss how could I've been so wrong. could I've been so wrong.

As quickly as you got there you were gone again,
The trip seemed to finish before (it had) a chance to begin.
An sms here and a picture message there,
And a polaroid or two while hairdressers are cutting hair.

I sit trying to put my finger on what and why,
When you left the house this morning it made me feel like crying,
It's the smile and the blue eyes and your cute little nose,
It's the fact that you've got the same length on 3 of your toes.
It's the laughter, compassion, and the little bit of sass,
And of course the fact you've got an incredible ass. incredible ass yeah....

It's the bites, the reactions and your love for the spa,
It's the 16 pairs of shoes you take where ever you are.
It's your kindness, conversation, love for all living things,
Wrinkled toe ring, Simpsons beads and a white shell ring.
It's the hapiness I feel when you look over and smile,
And the feelings I haven't felt in too long of a while.

You'll probably never get this but I just had to sing
About a girl who makes a boy feel this kind of thing yeah.
..... about a girl who makes a boy feel this king of thing yeah...

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