Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter brings down Surf the Dream

Due to my new iphone and ready access to both the internet and tweetie I'm finding that this blog is getting neglected.

There are still things happening, I promise! Although settling back into work life in London has slowed the travel stories down quite a bit, but has also ensured that everything continues to remain busy.

Here's my latest random 60 twitter posts....... such a nerd.
  1. Ugly car, bad call @laura-loi
  2. Cricket has too many numbers, and they go too high...... #girlcricketquotes
  3. can't bowl there hauritz. Ball doesn't spin so well as a full toss.
  4. Take me back to Mexico.
  5. It's got to be down hill from here
  6. Purple rain as Ed and tara cook up a storm
  7. Survival time for England
  8. oh yeah baby, pull those curtains back @sntfrancis
  9. It's going to get all kinds of messy!
  10. 300 up for Australia. Come on boys (but katich just got out, 122) Another century for pup?
  11. @totallyrich oh yeah? which ever one you had available would be cool to try out.
  12. @cat_m i feel you're trying to say something, perhaps remind yourself about something, but I just can't put my finger on it.
  13. @triplejdools 422-8
  14. @intranation Try and explain cricket using ONLY baseball analogies.
  15. @totallyrich lens lens lens lens lens lens lens lens lens. Can I borrow the 50mm fixed lens?
  16. @sntfrancis he just got out...... could have been given a bit earlier, made 60-odd runs. need any flu drugs? am getting cough stuff now.....
  17. on ya hauritz you little beauty!!! It was true when I played, It seems it is still true today. Sh!t gets wickets.
  18. peterson you lucky south african son of a b1tch.
  19. Pretty happy with 97-3 at lunch.
  20. And so the Summer of cricket begins #ashes09
  21. Alright so it's hailing in Stockwell, hello summer
  22. @teppie i love canon, cheap but amazing qual canon hv30, expensive GREAT camera, Canon XH G1... probably a bit too much. what's the purpose?
  23. @teppie do you need a video camera for work or personal use?
  24. 3.7 gb of my rock werchter photos decided to go missing, 4gb SD card, macbook, ixus 70, tips for recovery? still only 31mb free space. help?
  25. Back in London after rockwerchter, jumble beginnings of a flu coming on.
  26. Temperature at the camping grounds, about 31. Temp inside the tent about 45.
  27. Not entirely ready forthis festival, oh well what could possibly go wrong?
  28. Am so tired, but on a bus bound for hapiness!
  29. @sntfrancis about 22 days or something, but paul flys back tomorrow ;(
  30. @teppie Sky News: UK queen approves new bravery medal called "Elizabeth Cross" to recognize forces killed in action or result of terrorism
  31. @sntfrancis oh there's some shops in moorgate, will go down for a look just before 12 and let you know if I can't find anything.
  32. @sntfrancis totally not prepared for tomorrow. EEEK!!!! Where do I get gumboots from? #festivalfail
  33. @teppie @alcattell yeah cattell, way to break someone's hopes and dreams. you used to be cool..
  34. @teppie I think it's called the phone book. might be wrong though. apparently I've been pre-approved for a Degree AND £10,000 credit card.
  35. #ryanair #worstcompanyintheworldever (via @abovetheclouds_ ) ditto
  36. Peter Andre is cooler now then he was when he was making music.
  37. Rackspace FTW!
  38. @sntfrancis i loves ya. do we need gumboots? rephrase. do i need gumboots?
  39. nice balmy day in London. Feels like I'm back home in Darwin.
  40. @totallyrich just say i wanted to borrow a canon lens, when would be the best time to remind you to grab it?
  42. watch out low flying ducks, i'm feeling peckish.
  43. @teppie what, an article on the wabbey and you're not quoted?
  44. Just been trying this out, an accessibility tool for checking the colours on your site. (via @meeratank)
  45. @eadmundo Swine Flu. Common Symptoms are nausea, vomiting and stomach ache. swap feeling bad with the flu to feeling bad with the treatment.
  46. @eadmundo fingers crossed i'm still recovering from saturday and not starting to get the flu. Brussels @ the end of the week! Rock Wertcher!
  47. not sure if this is a flu feeling or I just take longer to recover from hangovers.
  48. Sickest man alive
  49. It's about to piss down
  50. It's business time.....
  51. Borough Market oysters, booyah!
  52. @fishmitten i'm in a glass case of emotion
  53. check out @sntfrancis here
  54. @brandempire site link? sounds impressive.
  55. @teaandcheese sent that lens and attachment off yesteday, should be there soon!
  56. She Rides! played for and got, intended, pool god, king of cues, prince of the planet potters!
  57. im not going to mish. relax, i am not pished
  58. why did i never pay attention in biology class, why did i always turn to page 37 and start drawing little beards and mustaches on the sperms
  59. Awesome, who doesn't love a 3.30am wake up by an intoxicated flatmate.
  60. What's the go with the helicopter I'm Stockwell? Shooting at the school dance?