Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reebok Bums

I'm just chilling at home watching a preview for "Kick Ass" starring McLovin.... but the coolest bit was the ad in between.

Reebok have released a new product, Easy Tone.

I'm not all that fussed about what it does, but boy oh boy were there a LOT of buttocks.

Nuff said.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

West Ham United vs Stoke

I'm forever blowing bubbles.......

That was how this weeks earlier game against wolves started off, and finished with the players looking for a way out of relegation.

They were put shone by what should be  a lesser side, but showed on the day a bit of organisation and some simple football goes a long way. 3-1 in fact!

Today the Hammers are up against Stoke who have been playing well of late.

I'm on the way now to meet up wit Bart, not Simpson, for what will be his first taste of premiere league football and I'm hoping both the players and the fans can show him a good time, unfortunately I west ham play the way they have been the crowd will show Bart just how harsh they can be when the home side gives up.

Im fairly optimistic a out today though. Following a team like west ham is tough because there are a lot of lows, but when the highs are there BOY are they HIGH!


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast - Comes the Messiah

It's always good every once in a while to come across someone that is a genuinely nice person.

I've been writing a few articles for during this years Quiksilver Pro, and always need to grab an image to go along with the article.

I usually trawl through the Flickr Galleries searching for Creative Commons images and giving credit where it is due.

Simon had some great shots, but unfortunately all were copyright. After a quick Flickr comment, then a follow up email and he was happy to share his image in exchange for a link or two.

So check out the flickr image, his blog post, Comes the Messiah, or the gallery of images on Swellnet.