Saturday, April 03, 2010

Canon 50mm 2.8

A couple of months back now I went out shopping with Laura for a pair of gloves as the winter cold had well and truely set in and my fingers could no longer bare the pain.

The hardest occasions to get through were when I would go out shooting pictures with my Canon 50D because it's kind of difficult to take pictures with your hands in your pocket.

Unfortunately Laura left me at the shopping center to meet up with friends, which left me a little distracted and wandering around without too much purpose.

I came across a Jessops and decided I'd pop in to have a look at the types of lenses that were available, and ended buying a Canon 50mm 2.8 for a touch under £100.

I've taken a couple of pictures since getting the lens, and it takes a pretty good portrait and gives a nice shallow depth of field.

Here are a couple of pics I took in the last couple of days......

 Rare moment with Laura letting me get a snap

 Zoomed in picture of Lady Bug in my room

 Non zoomed version of the above image

 Cropped and slightly enhanced image of same Lady Bug

My next purchase could possibly be the Canon 100 - 400mm lens for our trip to Morocco.  It's great for surf pictures, and has a hell of a zoom on it.

I've been in at Aperture Cameras in Museum Street London today trying it out, here are a few examples of the pictures I took outside.