Wednesday, August 23, 2006

106 Days 11 Hours and 1 Minute

Ok so who's counting?

Things are still coming together nicely, apart from the fitness which has taken a massive hit over the past week due to the Shenannigan's 10th Birthday Celebrations.

I've been making a couple of purchases on Ebay to bring the film making up to speed.
  1. Hard case for the XL1S, keeps it away from knocks and bumps. It holds the camera, two lenses, rain jacket, shoulder pad, 11 tapes (one cleaning) 3 filters, headphones, spare batteries, charger, and IEEE DV cable. There's room at the bottom for my handy cam as well, but that's about to head off to the shop for repairs.
  2. Dual Output Video Card for the computer, speeds up the rendering process and gives better performance using After Effects. 256Mb AGP 8X Nvidia card, HDTV, VGA, DVI
  3. 19" Wide Screen LCD monitor. Well there's no point in having a video card with two outputs and only one monitor. Gives me a bigger screen area to set out Adobe Premiere for editing and leaves the old CRT monitor to see the final product in play backs.
  4. Panasonic Minidisc Recorder. This little device can plug directly into a mixing desk and get the raw sound from gigs leaving out the crowd noise. Good to mix through with the camera audio to cover any noise spikes or unwanted voice overs.
So that's my Ebay days over. I've got what I need, no need to buy anything else (hmmmm, for now)

While I'm waiting for that to arrive I've been continuing with my editing. I've managed to finish up the 28 Days Footage and need to send that off soon.

I was lucky enough to be allowed to film The Beautiful Girls gig (thanks heaps guys) as part of their Laying Tracks Tour. Luke Vasella's performance has been sent and I'm in the process of finishing up Saritah's gig. I'm still playing around with putting the whole night onto one DVD with sweet menu's, but there's 4 hours of footage and I don't want to leave any of it out. The Beautiful Girls footage is done, but again I want to smooth it out before I send it off.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 128.......

Things are good. Things are very good.
There's 128 days to go and I'm beginning to get organised.
By the time the magic day rolls around I want to have achieved 3 main things

1. All work is completed and contigency plans are in place while I'm on the coast

2. I manage to hit 90% fitness.
This is broken down into;
swimming 1.5 km twice a week
mad dog run tice a week
Yoga 3 times a week
riding 20km twice a week
I aim to be down to 81.5 kg and should be able to paddle across the lake twice without rest.

3. Reach financial stability.
All debts paid off and have the available funds to complete this trip.......without resorting to the credit card.

At the moment the mad dog run is stopping 5 times (after each hill and rest one hill climb) in 31 minutes.
Swimming 500M in 100, rest, 100 rest, 50 sprint, 50 slow, rest, 100 slow,rest, 50 sprint, 50 slow, finish.

surf movie scenes

Flights -> $470.00
Wicked Van from Brisbane to Melbourne over 14 days -> $1215
Fuel -> $1500
Accomodation -> $0
Wax -> $12
Wetty from Kirra Surf -> $200
SPF 30+ Sunscree -> $20
50 burnt CDs -> $20
New pair of boardies -> $60
40 polaroids -> $90
15 DV Taps -> $60
Pickup hitchhickers -> +$100 each
Food -> $500
Beer -> $600
Festival of the Sun Port Macquarie -> $98

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

two week transformation

After an awesome saturday night filming the likes of Luke Vasella, Saritah, The Groovesmiths and The Beautiful Girls i've got the film bug again.
I'm going to doco the 2 week trip down the east coast but i'm having trouble landing the right way to tell the story.
At the moment i'm looking at the cost vs benefits of the trip. I want people to be able to watch the film and go book their own trip right away.
"$4000, 14 days, 2179km, 32 beaches, infinite number of memories".