Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunset at Ocean Beach

I decided to relax this afternoon and head down to the beach with the guitar, camera, towel and bottle of diet coke.

The waves were Darwinish, so decided to stay dry this afternoon..... plus the water was FREEZING!

I hung down there for a an hour or so, and damn if the only thing I could think of playing was Jack Johnson and The Beautiful Girls. People seemed to enjoy it though, well at least no one pelted me with rotten tomato's (probably none around to throw).

Check out more photo's here.

Oh, and I took the car in to get fixed. The guy, Lester or Les, gave me the impression he'd give me a straight up answer about getting the car done and ready. $171.50 for the lot, which was pretty cool so I said go ahead.

The phone rang again, Les said he was good but I was bad.

The wreckers had sent the front RIGHT spindle, not the left one. Oh well, these things happen. Sounds like something I would do, but this time it wasn't my fault.

So now I'm waiting for the wreckers to see it there's a left spindle (hopefully with a hub) back in LA, get that shipped down here and fitted.

It's a good thing that I was staying for the 4th of July!

By the way, Tiny's is doing nothing to help cure my absolute adoration of bar tenders (bar maids are called bar tenders here, apparently bar maids is a no no to say........ which I found out after 4 weeks)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ocean Beach Tiny's Tavern

I remember before I went away someone was commenting of one of our travel friends and how all they seem to be doing is going out and getting drunk, it's no different then being at home.

Well it's been almost a month since I've left Australia and I can count on one hand the number of alcohol free days I've had. Actually, I can do it on one finger.

It's not that I'm trying to go out and get drunk every night, and that hasn't been how the trip has gone, but beers are very much like they are at home. It's a social thing, and sitting around a hostel room isn't as fun has sitting around a common area or at the local pub.

Of course, it doesn't help when Myles friend owns a pub either, Tiny's Tavern.

Last night was the quietest night I spent there so far, between myself James and Sean we only had 6 pitchers (about 4.5 pints to a pitcher).

The first night I spent there I had to send myself home at 11.30 at night after about 13 pints of guinness and numerous shots of Hawaiian Punch. Lets just say the next day was very slow, and I nearly fell asleep at the beach and charcoaled one side of my body.

I'm in at another hostel now, which is the party hostel (don't know how much more I can party though), but I'm only going to be here for 3 nights. James has offered his couch so I'll crash there for a couple of days while the van gets fixed up, and probably hang out for the 4th July Party here as well.

Someone completely freaked me out about the trip to Mexico the other day, but those worries have subsided and I'm once again keen to get over the border.

I actually went for a drive down to San Ysidro yesterday and could see mexico from the road, and I got an overwhelming desire to just drive over the border right then and there. Luckily, I'm well aware that if I do that the tire will eventually fall off, so first things first, fix the car!

Oh that reminds me, I better get off my ass and get that done!
James, Myles, Sean, and Tiny at Gallagher's on Sunday

Myself and two girls at Gallagher's comparing eye colours.Myles and Dara, Dara had earlier kicked me out of Tiny's for having a fake ID and no passport. When I came back she was with Myles and Tiny and said "why didn't you just say you were that Justin"
I wonder is that'll work at pubs around the world...?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Heading to San Diego

Well the adventure started on Friday afternoon.

Melissa, the girl I met through my couch surfer in San Francisco and is my traveling buddy for Baja, was going to meet me in LA at about 3pm for us to then head down to San Francisco.

I was a little bit hesitant about driving into LA by myself and trying to navigate around the huge freeways, so we decided to change the pick up spot to Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately Melissa's ride share was running late, so she didn't get to Santa Barbara until 5.30pm which meant we probably wouldn't get into San Diego until just after 10pm. That worked out great because my Hawaiian buddy Myles was flying in at 10 and we were going to catch up at his friends bar, Tiny's, on Voltaire St in Ocean Beach.

So I met up with Melissa and we headed off along the coast, I got to drive through Malibu and a few other coastal towns, very beautiful.

LA Skyline at Sunset

We managed to navigate most of the way through LA before we ran into Gridlock, which lasted about 40 minutes before clearing out to 4 lane hiways with not much traffic.

It got to about 9.30 and Melissa said we still had about 1.5 hours left on the trip, and my hostel closed at 10pm. I called them up to let them know I'd be late and not to wait up and basically got a "too bad, you still have to pay for the nights accommodation". No shit. I was trying to be courteous....... black eggs.

They did change their tone though and organised it so the key would be in the letter box, and put sheets and towels on the bed for me.

By 11.00 I was in the land of the nod so we pulled over so that Melissa could drive for a while. When we parked I could here a rapid clicking sound from under the seat (where the engine lives). I opened it up and found that the top cover for the radiator fan had broken off it's clips and was being pounded by the fan........... for how long I'm not sure.

I got out the trusty duct tape and proceeded to bodgey up a fix.

Now I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the car doesn't start well hot. It'll start first thing in the morning, and after a normal drive, but if you've been driving for more then an hour it needs to cool for about half an hour before it'll start. I'm sure that'll be great in Mexico.

Anyway, because of this fault, and the fact I'd been driving for 4 hours, I had to do this fix while the fan spun at a squillian miles an hour (yes Cory, I still have all my fingers and no, I can't believe it either).

Well that fix lasted the time it took me to put the seat back down, so I unscrewed the top and removed it all together, in the process making a LOT of noise and totally freaking Melissa out. But again I emerged with all my fingers in tact!

So we pulled back on to the freeway and headed off again.

About half an hour into the journey it felt like one of the front tires blew out. GREEEAAAAT. I just put new tires on for Mexico and I get a flat in between LA and San Diego.

We pulled over and got out to inspect the damage.


All tires had air, no leaks, everything seemed fine.

I decided to drive on from here, and we pulled back onto the freeway and continued down the road. Everything seemed fine, up until we got to about 45 mph when I could feel a grinding beneath my feet. Time to get off the road I think.

We passed two exits which seemed to just get on other freeways and got off on the third exit. As we pulled off I saw a truck station (8 bay shed to work on trucks) and pulled in there. I parked the car and headed over to the shed to ask someone to check it out, because lets be honest, taking off the cover of a radiator fan is about the extent of my mechanical knowledge (and I nearly stuffed that up!)

I spoke to this guy, Juan, who said to drive the car over to have a look at it. STARTED FIRST TRY!!!! Hooray, the starter problem is now a thing of the past.

Juan checked out the van and could see something on the inside of the wheel, either grease or break fluid, but he needed to take off the wheel to find out for sure. I had to move the van around the back so they could check it out, and guess what returned to be a thing of the present. The van wouldn't start.

Sooooo, we spent the next 20 minutes hanging around the front of the shed.

2 things happened while we waited for the van to start.

Firstly this guy came up to me slapping a HUGE blunt object in his hand and in broken english was saying something about sliding tires. Was he going to beat me up for my tires? Maybe my tire was sliding and he knew I couldn't make a hasty exit. Or, maybe he was a trucker who needed some help sliding the truck be further along his rig.

Luckily for me it was the last one, and my skills with trucking more then doubled (knowledge went from zero to one)

Secondly Melissa noticed the name of the truck stop we were at. Indio. Now that doesn't mean anything to me at all, nor would it to you.

That is of course unless you know Southern California. To give you an idea of where we were I've prepared this map ----> Map of misdirction

Once the car was started and Juan and his buddy Troy had a look it seemed like we needed a new hub, but they were working until 8am, and the auto stores weren't open until then either. We could drive on to San Diego, but the tire would catch fire and fall off.


So we drove, very slowly, around to the back of a service station and jumped in the back of the van for one of the better nights sleep I've had.

I woke up in the morning to Juan calling my phone to ask if I still wanted them to work on the van. We met up and he and Troy started on the van.

After much review it turned out that the pressed ring in the hub was no longer pressed, but spinning. Spinning causes friction. Friction causes heat.

The heat from this welded the smaller bearing on to the spindle of the front tire, and then wasted the bearing. Now some people will know what I'm talking about, I certainly wouldn't if someone explained this to me. Pictures are always good though.

This is what the bearing should look like (pay attention to the small bearing)

This is what my small bearing looked like.......

They fixed it up enough to get us from Indio into San Diego, and I've got another spindle part (with hub) arriving in San Diego on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll be able to get to mexico by thursday. This meant that Melissa would only have a couple of days in Baja, so she decided to head back up to LA and catch up with friends.

It took us about 4.5 hours to get to San Diego, sitting on 50 mph and stopping every 50 miles to let the tire cool down, but we got there eventually.

In fact, as we were coming in to San Diego there was a Toyota Tacoma parked in the middle lane with it's front left wheel parked 50 meters further down the road. Could have been us!

As we pulled in to Ocean Beach I saw Tiny's and pulled over immediately to find Myles, Billy and Sarah shooting pool. It's good to have the Bali crew back together again (skev, nick, slimer, pedro, where are you boys?!?!)

Melissa feels terrible about taking me the wrong way for 124 miles, but I'm kind of glad. I got to see a part of America I wouldn't have otherwise seen. The desert is beautiful, and there were hundreds of wind powered turbines throughout the place.

Check my facebook pic's for more pictures.

And at the end of the day, the hub was going to go eventually, better it was there then halfway down Baja in Mexico, plus it gives me a couple of days to chill out in San Diego, the past week has been hectic and I haven't had too many chances to relax.

Plus, it's never about the destination, it's always about the travel.

Until next time, ride em in, cut em out, cut em in, ride em out, ride em in, cut em out raw hide

Friday, June 22, 2007

Surf the Dream Van

Well it's finished, done and dusted.

It's got new tires, had a service, and I've got nearly everything I need (still need to pick up a gas burner).

Rather then type away, here's a bunch of photo's to tell the story.
The frame over the wheel arch is put in place

Thomas and his wife stop by to lend a hand

The Van with everything removable out

Cross support struts are put in place

Back of the bed is slip into place (held in with metal brackets by the feet and by permanent seat in the middle)

Front part of the bed is slid into place

The van is loaded and ready to go!

Boards ratcheted onto the roof with tie downs

Go Straya!

My farewell meal with Bill and Sarah

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Drama's of getting a car in the US

The van is decked out SWEEEEEEET now. I need to pick up a few things, mattress (craigs list), gas burner/light, jerry cans, saucepan/pots/plates/k&f's, and have already picked up the important bits, 45 litre esky and and two camp chairs.

The pictures will be along in the next post, this one is to explain what I've had to do so far.

  1. Drive to Oxnard in Bill's truck to see the van (1 hour)
  2. Buy the Van off Edgar
  3. Drive the Van back to Sanata Barbara (1.5 hours)
  4. Go to the DMV to change ownership and register (30 minutes)
  5. Paper work wasn't filled out correctly, take another number and get back in line, oh and you need to get the van smogged.
  6. Check engine light is on so it can't get smogged
  7. Check engine light goes off so it goes through smog anyway
  8. Fails smog because the engine is idling at 1500, max is 1100
  9. Go to Mechanic to fix the idle and get smogged
  10. The check engine light comes back on, can't smog, but idle is reduced
  11. Drive to Oxnard to get Edgar to smog it for me, his responsibility. (40 min)
  12. He can't do it at the last minute, drive back to Santa Barbara (40 min)
  13. Drive back to Oxnard the next day (45 min), borrow Wan's truck to drive around for an hour until the van is done.
  14. Take Wan's truck back to santa barbara because the smog will take 5 hours (45 min)
  15. Drive BACK to Oxnard to pick up the smogged car (40 min).
  16. Stop at the Zoo because we smell something burning.
  17. Car won't start at the zoo after stopping, go and get a beer and wait.
  18. Car starts, get back home and finish the back (3 hours)
  19. Get to DMV with all paper work at 7.30 for it to open at 8.
  20. DMV tell me that there is STILL missing paper work!!!!
I'm off to UPS to get Edgar to fax the last bit of paper work now, then back into line, a long freaking line, at the DMV.

The van does look pretty cool inside now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Suf Van Fitout - Part One

The 1990 Mitsubishi Van is halfway through the Surf Van fitout.

So far we've picked up the following material.....
  • 6 x 2x4's
  • 2 sheets of MDF 1/2 inch ply wood
  • 2 x 1x4's (still unused)
  • 8 x 10mm 60mm bolts
  • Wood Screws (box of a hundred)
Fortunately Bill has all the tools, hammers, nails, screws etc. We borrowed a circular saw off Thomas down the road.

First step was to remove the back seat...... and f*$k me that thing is heavy. With it out, the car jumps up about another 2 inches from the ground!

With the back seat out we put some support blocks behind the two front seats to make sure that the plywood sat flush throughout the whole van and started to measure up the frames.

The two front support frames span across the width of the van and are bolted into the floor where the sliding rides for the back seat used to be.

We cut the MDF 1/2 inch ply wood about 5 ft wide and 45 inches long. This was then screwed in between the two support frames. This is to make sure that the piece either side of this one can sit without too much movement, and it means that the one behind the front seat can be removed making a perfectly good seat for more passengers. Ok, I realise they won't have seat belts, but I'm not too sure how strict those rules are in Central America.

In the above picture the left panel is the one that is screwed down, and the right panel slots in between the fixed piece and the back of the front seats, once removed it becomes a seat

We began to frame up the back, but it was late, we were hungry, and Sarah's folks sushi place is AWESOME!

Tomorrow we're off to get the car smogged, registered (have temporary registration at the moment), buy an ipod tuner, gas cooker, esky, finish the back frame and cut the other piece of ply wood and put it in.

Bill with his handy work

Early start though, 6.15 am, so I better hit the hay (I thought I was supposed to be on holiday?!?!)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Surf the Dream has a Car

That's right, for a cool $1500 I picked up a van for the trip through central america.

Billy and I went for a cruise out past Ventura to a place called Oxnard, which is pretty much the united states of mexico.

We saw the van and looked through the window to see a $2000 stereo system installed, could I be so lucky to get something so sweet?!?

Unfortunately not, but it is still pretty sweet.

Anyway, here's a few pictures of the van as it is, over the next few days I'll put a bed in and get some storage going, hopefully similar to a wicked van.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the van please let me know, I'll take them all on board...........

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Couch Surfing San Francisco

I had a great time while I was in San Francisco, mainly thanks to the following

Big thanks go out to

Sean - my couch surfing host
Danny - sean's brother inlaw
Kevin and Suna - sean's flat mate and girlfriend
Paul - sean's flat mate
Erica - let me crash and a HUGE night out in San Francisco
Melissa - Suna's best friend

Everyone played a huge part in making my stay in San Francisco something to remember, but there were many more that helped along as well.

my couch in San Fran (oh, and the floor is comfy too)
A view from Sean's apartment
myself, sean, (help me out sean)

The trip to Santa Barbara

The trip was pretty cool on the train.

The train is by FAR better then a bus or train. It gives you the opportunity to stand, walk around, stretch, play the guitar in the lounge car and scare small children (the parents were cool though).

I passed a couple of vegetation fields, and some poor people were out digging and seeding the land, watering each of the the crops, I think they were all working for the state....... they were all wearing this stripy uniform and had their feet shackled

Some crops, minus the workers

short cut through the mountain

Once I got to Santa Barbara I was looking around for the hostel, which was apparently supposed to be across the road from the train station. Well I had a look around, and all I could see was a bike shop. Thinking I had to walk another few miles with all my gear (no easy feat with the amount of crap I'm dragging around), I loaded it all up as the train pulled away..... to reveal the hostel directly across from the train station. SWEET.

The hostel was pretty cool, although not as cool as the ones in Hawaii. Having said that I have
never heard anyone more impressed with hostels then those I stayed at in Hawaii.
A view from the hostel in Santa Barbara

I met a couple of hostel goers on the first night, Kate from England on her way back home (via San Francisco) and Joel from Canada who was working in Santa Barbara. Both were very cool, it's always good meeting new people in hostels, it kind of reminds me of the first days of school where everyone is sussing each other out and trying to establish the groups that you'll be hanging around in.... except the criteria is MUCH more different this time around.

I caught up with Billy the second day, he picked me up and we went cruising around the place and checked out the sites of Santa Barbara. Unfortunately there is no surf here at the moment, which is seriously bumming me out. I need to get back in the ocean soon...... really soon.

I met one of Billy's mates, an aussie from Sydney called Max. And get this, he went to school with Cameron McNally. Talk about a small freaking world.

Anyway, my focus now is on getting a car and getting myself down to mexico as quickly as possible, back to warm climate, warm water, and surf.

I've found someone to travel with through Baja too, one of my couch surfing hosts room mates friends.

Anyway, I had better get back to the car searching and phone calls.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the way to Santa Barbara

Ok now I'm impressed.

I just boarded the train and I've got a power outlet so the laptop won't run out of juice, and I've picked up a wireless connection.

Good times, good times.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Train Crash

Yes that is right, I was involved in a train crash.

Don't worry, nothing really happened, but our train just hit a car. Didn't feel a thing, the worse bit was the driver stopping while I wasn't paying attention so I nearly fell off my seat.

Now I'm looking out the window at the Home of the San Francisco Giants and Willie Mays Gate. How cool is it though, I got the laptop out and BANG, instant wireless connection. This internet thing is EVERYWHERE!

Hawaii Surf Break - Waikiki - Publics

Seeing as Skev was talking about more footage of the breaks in Hawaii I thought I'd better put this up for him.

This break is found off to the left of "the wall" on Queens Beach. It's pretty shallow on low tide, but is fine the rest of the time.

The wave I got here was a usual wave, with the set waves coming in a bit bigger. Regular waves were 1.5 to 3 ft with bigger days and set waves 3 - 4.5 ft (Hawaiian Style)

It's a lot less crowded then the two long board waves further around towards the police station.

Hope you enjoy Skev! Just think, in a couple of months this spot will be PUMPING, and you'll be crouching under a sturdy lip.

Waikiki Left Hander - Publics

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

San Francisco


I've been so freaking slack since I've been here.

Lot's and lots of things have happened.

I've got a kick ass couch surfing host, and his friends and family have been awesome.

I've done lots of pizza slice places (golden boy rocks!), a few tours and a couple of corner bars with great jazz and blues music.

I've got a few stories and some pictures to put up, but for now it's late at night here so I'm off to bed.
On the way to Alcatraz, view from the boat of the city

Practicing for Mexico ;)

Alcatraz is a really eerie place.....
Architecture here is pretty sweet......
..... and so are the underground toilets

Keep an eye out for Golden Boy Pizza, it's the best in San Francisco, and there's beers on tap...

Two slices from the golden boy pizza place, $3.00 each!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Waikiki Beachside Hostel Favourites

Just a quick one, here are two of my favourites from the Beachside Hostel. I'd recommend anyone to stay here while in Waikiki. Not only is it a great hostel with excellent staff, but also is a great place to meet other travelers and explore the island.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Hawaii

No photo's in this update, just a few choice words about my trip so far.

Hawaii lives up to all expectations. The weather is beautiful, the waves are various and plentiful, the people are friendly and the girls are stunning.

I was a bit bummed out this morning, a little upset that I have to say goodbye to the beautiful Hawaii and the good friends that I've made in the short time that I've been here.

There are soooooo many things that I didn't get a chance to do here, like head over to the other islands, especially the big island and do the Volcano walk and see real lava hitting the sea. I've run out of time and can't do the snorkel out at Hanuama Bay (sorry Laura, please send pictures), I didn't get up into the rainforest and do any of the waterfall hikes, and I didn't get around to nearly enough surf breaks.

But, I spent time hanging with my good friend Myles, hiked a morning to Diamond Head for sunrise with Laura and Emily, snorkeled at Shark Cove, swam at Three Tables, surfed at Myles home break, surfed at Queens, swam at Sunset, surfed until the sun went down into the most amazing sunset, walked out to Ala Moanna park and swam at a perfect beach while spending a perfect day and night with Iain, Devon and Erin, before spending an unforgettable night (except where we forgot due to drunken blackouts) dancing and going for early morning swims. I jammed with a local in the park for an hour, and played at the north shore while we sat around with beers in the rain exchanging traveling stories. I walked around Waimea Bay, and spent time checking out Haliewa town, and probably the best thing was continuing my love for the ocean, and her not spanking the living crap out of me. 7S super fish has treated me well, getting me under even the deepest lip (but nothing like Cenigans).

So thanks to the Waikiki Beachside Hostel on Lemon Street, and the North Shore Backpackers Plantation Village for providing the location to enjoy this wonderful place, and for hosting the great people I have met along the way.

Thanks to Emily, Laura, Iain, Simon, Tony, Jordy, Vic, Aidan, Josh, John, Devon, Anna, Alice, the boy, the reception (guys very helpful, girls all beautiful and definitely not butch), Myles, Pat, Titan, and of course Erin, for making the beginning of this trip as good as it could have been.

Alright, maybe just one photo. I've just got out of the surf, can't think of much better times.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chillin on the North Shore

After writing yesterdays post Erin and I hired some snorkle gear and headed off to Shark Cove for some snorkling. Unfortunately my camera works best out of the water (so does Erin's, but she tries the underwater...... and then gets a new camera).

The day was a less then perfect day in Hawaii, and it's looking to stay more of the same today. After the rain came in the night before and spoiled our fun at the beach it hasn't really left us. I'm blaming the green shirt that Erin has been wearing, every time it's on it rains, but she seems to think it has more to do with the weather...... pfffft, as if.

Rather then being out in the sun chillin it was a day for the front porch of the cabins.

Erin, Emily and myself caught the bus in to Haleiwa to check out some shops and hit the post office. They close the post office here a 4pm, and if you're in there when the door is locked don't expect to get out until everyone else is ready to go.

Rather then catch the bus back home Erin and I walked back to the hostel. It's just under a 2 hour walk, but it was nice to wander down the winding coast line and get a closer look at the beaches.
Great Lunch Place at Haleiwa
Waimea Bay..... pfft, I could surf it like this

We grabbed some beers, wine and some snacky food on the way back and sat up on the Porch with Aidon, Josh and Emily and listened to 80's glam rock (like Poison, Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses). Lots of laughs were had, the monotonous snare drum and even the Wet Monster story was told much to the hysterics of the porch.
As I type I can see the sun poking through the clouds. The life here is very cruisy and the people are very friendly. But, it's time to go again, off to Waikiki for a few more days before leaving Hawaii for San Francisco.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Moving in to the North Shore

While Waikiki is nice, beautiful in fact, the North Shore is closer to the real Hawaii.

Having said that, you really need to island hop to get the real hawaii, but this is a pretty good start.

Everything on the North Shore seems a little bit slower, a little more relaxed. In fact, about 30 minutes after arriving I was sat up in a Hammock with my guitar and my book on Zen Buddhism and felt more relaxed then I can remember.

Yesterday was a chill out day. There's a free shuttle out to the north shore which takes about an hour, nice when you don't have to catch the bus and stop at every stop on the way (Pearl Harbour took HOURS to get to).

Everyone is really chilled here.

I caught up with Erin down at the beach and got to see a pretty kick ass sunset. Nearly go so far to say that the sunsets here in Hawaii are as good as Darwin........ nearly. Half way through I turned to check out the sky behind me and was greeted with this............
I can't work out how to turn the photo's around, how long have I been out of work???

One of the workers here, Ricardo, put on a bbq last night. $7 all you can eat, a backpackers dream! A bunch of us went up with beers and sat around gorging ourselves on the cheap meal and talking about where we're going and where we've been. Loads of people seemed to have done my trip, but in reverse, so I've got lots of good places to check out. One the guy's said that in Honduras he paid $220 US to go diving..... but not just diving.

$220 got him 4 nights accommodation, PADI certified plus 2 free dives after certification. Sounds like something too good to pass up. Phildo, is you can fly to Honduras apparently it is one of THE places to dive in the world.

The lights go out here at 11.15, so it was off to the beach for more beers............ Everything goes a bit hazy from then on, but lots of fun was had!

Today it's off to Shark Cove for some diving, so I'd best get off the computer and get out in the sun.

lots of love to you all!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Walk to Ala Manoa Beach Park

Damn Damn Damn!!!!

I'd written a huge story on our walk from the hostel out to Ala Manoa beach park, and then the Mac froze and I lost the lot.

Oh well, that's life!

Now I've got more to talk about. After the mac crashed we decided to go down the road to the block party (the city closed the street and had live music and food).

We left that and headed to Dukes for a couple of beers and met Mat who is a airline mechanic. The girls asked him and his friend if they could sit at the table and the guys got really excited, right up to the point that Iain and myself sat down with them.

Mat takes a picture of Iain Me Erin Simon Devon

Mat takes a photo of himself

Simon told us about Lulu's, which had $1 beers. So we were off in search of Lulu's, which ended up being around the corner from the hostel, and had $5 pitchers (jugs) of beer.

A few beers later and Iain was lighting up the dance floor with some moves, and Devon was throwing down dancing challenges all over the place.
Iain and Devon letting it rip on the dance floor
The night ended with a moon lit swim in the marina out the front of our hostel, which of course has now led to my clothes being saturated in sand.......... oh well, it's all part of the Hawaiian experience.

There's more photo's at Face Book, but here's a couple if you can't be bothered clicking on this link.....

A Night Out at Waikiki

Battery's nearly gone, more later.