Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Suf Van Fitout - Part One

The 1990 Mitsubishi Van is halfway through the Surf Van fitout.

So far we've picked up the following material.....
  • 6 x 2x4's
  • 2 sheets of MDF 1/2 inch ply wood
  • 2 x 1x4's (still unused)
  • 8 x 10mm 60mm bolts
  • Wood Screws (box of a hundred)
Fortunately Bill has all the tools, hammers, nails, screws etc. We borrowed a circular saw off Thomas down the road.

First step was to remove the back seat...... and f*$k me that thing is heavy. With it out, the car jumps up about another 2 inches from the ground!

With the back seat out we put some support blocks behind the two front seats to make sure that the plywood sat flush throughout the whole van and started to measure up the frames.

The two front support frames span across the width of the van and are bolted into the floor where the sliding rides for the back seat used to be.

We cut the MDF 1/2 inch ply wood about 5 ft wide and 45 inches long. This was then screwed in between the two support frames. This is to make sure that the piece either side of this one can sit without too much movement, and it means that the one behind the front seat can be removed making a perfectly good seat for more passengers. Ok, I realise they won't have seat belts, but I'm not too sure how strict those rules are in Central America.

In the above picture the left panel is the one that is screwed down, and the right panel slots in between the fixed piece and the back of the front seats, once removed it becomes a seat

We began to frame up the back, but it was late, we were hungry, and Sarah's folks sushi place is AWESOME!

Tomorrow we're off to get the car smogged, registered (have temporary registration at the moment), buy an ipod tuner, gas cooker, esky, finish the back frame and cut the other piece of ply wood and put it in.

Bill with his handy work

Early start though, 6.15 am, so I better hit the hay (I thought I was supposed to be on holiday?!?!)


Skevos said...

Good one Juz,
nice van looks like PIMP MY RIDE shit with Bill. By the way say hi to Bill from me and Nick, I need to see some surf shots mate,things seem to be going smoothly take care speak to you soon

Birdman said...

Dude, you should see it now. Bill has done a freaking awesome job doing heaps of things for me here.

I'll send him your email and he'll send you some Santa Barbara surf shots, unfortunately it's flat as here at the moment, even rincon is flat.

Nutsy said...

V8 supergirls at photo shoot Cavs today, FHM and Ralph girls there for next 2 days. Keeping the dream alive. Nutsy