Friday, June 08, 2007

Waikiki Beachside Hostel Favourites

Just a quick one, here are two of my favourites from the Beachside Hostel. I'd recommend anyone to stay here while in Waikiki. Not only is it a great hostel with excellent staff, but also is a great place to meet other travelers and explore the island.


Kelli said...

Finally got the link for your page (from Beckly mind you)! Looks like your having a blast! Things still the same here. Finally had our first couple of days of dry season weather! (it's nearly 2pm here and i'm still in trackie pants and a jumper)! Soft i know! Anyway enjoying the photo's and entries! Speak to you soon!
Lil' Sis

Birdman said...

Hey Kelli, thanks for the comment.

I'm in San Fran today, did the Alcatraz tour today, you guy's will be getting a post card soon.

Make sure you're looking after Beckly's belly, and send my love to Gail, Eric, Darin, Bec, James and Lauren.

You'll have to come over for a visit at some stage, maybe Morocco?

Be good lil' sis.

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