Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ocean Beach Tiny's Tavern

I remember before I went away someone was commenting of one of our travel friends and how all they seem to be doing is going out and getting drunk, it's no different then being at home.

Well it's been almost a month since I've left Australia and I can count on one hand the number of alcohol free days I've had. Actually, I can do it on one finger.

It's not that I'm trying to go out and get drunk every night, and that hasn't been how the trip has gone, but beers are very much like they are at home. It's a social thing, and sitting around a hostel room isn't as fun has sitting around a common area or at the local pub.

Of course, it doesn't help when Myles friend owns a pub either, Tiny's Tavern.

Last night was the quietest night I spent there so far, between myself James and Sean we only had 6 pitchers (about 4.5 pints to a pitcher).

The first night I spent there I had to send myself home at 11.30 at night after about 13 pints of guinness and numerous shots of Hawaiian Punch. Lets just say the next day was very slow, and I nearly fell asleep at the beach and charcoaled one side of my body.

I'm in at another hostel now, which is the party hostel (don't know how much more I can party though), but I'm only going to be here for 3 nights. James has offered his couch so I'll crash there for a couple of days while the van gets fixed up, and probably hang out for the 4th July Party here as well.

Someone completely freaked me out about the trip to Mexico the other day, but those worries have subsided and I'm once again keen to get over the border.

I actually went for a drive down to San Ysidro yesterday and could see mexico from the road, and I got an overwhelming desire to just drive over the border right then and there. Luckily, I'm well aware that if I do that the tire will eventually fall off, so first things first, fix the car!

Oh that reminds me, I better get off my ass and get that done!
James, Myles, Sean, and Tiny at Gallagher's on Sunday

Myself and two girls at Gallagher's comparing eye colours.Myles and Dara, Dara had earlier kicked me out of Tiny's for having a fake ID and no passport. When I came back she was with Myles and Tiny and said "why didn't you just say you were that Justin"
I wonder is that'll work at pubs around the world...?


inês said...

Hello From Portugal!

Loved your blog and i'll follow your adventure...

Good luck

Birdman said...

Hi Ines,

Thanks for your comments.

I checked out your blog and you've got a couple of nice pictures (I tried to translate you entries but I didn't get them perfect).

I'm going to be in Portugal at some stage, it'd be great to catch up for a surf!