Thursday, June 21, 2007

Drama's of getting a car in the US

The van is decked out SWEEEEEEET now. I need to pick up a few things, mattress (craigs list), gas burner/light, jerry cans, saucepan/pots/plates/k&f's, and have already picked up the important bits, 45 litre esky and and two camp chairs.

The pictures will be along in the next post, this one is to explain what I've had to do so far.

  1. Drive to Oxnard in Bill's truck to see the van (1 hour)
  2. Buy the Van off Edgar
  3. Drive the Van back to Sanata Barbara (1.5 hours)
  4. Go to the DMV to change ownership and register (30 minutes)
  5. Paper work wasn't filled out correctly, take another number and get back in line, oh and you need to get the van smogged.
  6. Check engine light is on so it can't get smogged
  7. Check engine light goes off so it goes through smog anyway
  8. Fails smog because the engine is idling at 1500, max is 1100
  9. Go to Mechanic to fix the idle and get smogged
  10. The check engine light comes back on, can't smog, but idle is reduced
  11. Drive to Oxnard to get Edgar to smog it for me, his responsibility. (40 min)
  12. He can't do it at the last minute, drive back to Santa Barbara (40 min)
  13. Drive back to Oxnard the next day (45 min), borrow Wan's truck to drive around for an hour until the van is done.
  14. Take Wan's truck back to santa barbara because the smog will take 5 hours (45 min)
  15. Drive BACK to Oxnard to pick up the smogged car (40 min).
  16. Stop at the Zoo because we smell something burning.
  17. Car won't start at the zoo after stopping, go and get a beer and wait.
  18. Car starts, get back home and finish the back (3 hours)
  19. Get to DMV with all paper work at 7.30 for it to open at 8.
  20. DMV tell me that there is STILL missing paper work!!!!
I'm off to UPS to get Edgar to fax the last bit of paper work now, then back into line, a long freaking line, at the DMV.

The van does look pretty cool inside now.

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