Friday, June 22, 2007

Surf the Dream Van

Well it's finished, done and dusted.

It's got new tires, had a service, and I've got nearly everything I need (still need to pick up a gas burner).

Rather then type away, here's a bunch of photo's to tell the story.
The frame over the wheel arch is put in place

Thomas and his wife stop by to lend a hand

The Van with everything removable out

Cross support struts are put in place

Back of the bed is slip into place (held in with metal brackets by the feet and by permanent seat in the middle)

Front part of the bed is slid into place

The van is loaded and ready to go!

Boards ratcheted onto the roof with tie downs

Go Straya!

My farewell meal with Bill and Sarah


Anonymous said...

Avery, nice van dude.

Because you have the cross support struts, you can put hinges on the top covering of plywood, so that if you need to carry extra stuff you can fold the ply and slide it in.


Birdman said...

Hey Dave!

The fixed support in the middle helps act like a hinge for the back piece of ply so we went without the hinges.

Hopefully I can show you more pictures of the van but with a much better back drop!

Catch you in london dude!