Sunday, June 10, 2007

San Francisco


I've been so freaking slack since I've been here.

Lot's and lots of things have happened.

I've got a kick ass couch surfing host, and his friends and family have been awesome.

I've done lots of pizza slice places (golden boy rocks!), a few tours and a couple of corner bars with great jazz and blues music.

I've got a few stories and some pictures to put up, but for now it's late at night here so I'm off to bed.
On the way to Alcatraz, view from the boat of the city

Practicing for Mexico ;)

Alcatraz is a really eerie place.....
Architecture here is pretty sweet......
..... and so are the underground toilets

Keep an eye out for Golden Boy Pizza, it's the best in San Francisco, and there's beers on tap...

Two slices from the golden boy pizza place, $3.00 each!


PaulieG said...

Yeah. Is that before or after the tip? Or are you being a stingjy Australian?

Birdman said...

stingy Australian.....

nah, I left a tip. Bloody good one too, I tell you, give me a couple of beers and a few slices of pizza and I'll do anything.

Hang on, I was in San Francisco, nearly anything.