Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the way to Santa Barbara

Ok now I'm impressed.

I just boarded the train and I've got a power outlet so the laptop won't run out of juice, and I've picked up a wireless connection.

Good times, good times.


Karren said...

Watch out Santa Barbara! Can't believe you're back on a train again, just don't collect any cars this time!!!!! Check out the Seven Fall's hike while in Santa Barbara, i hear spectacular scenery
and great views of the coast line.

PaulieG said...

Hey Birdman. You should do up a Google earth breadcrumb of your travel so we can follow your trail. Sorry, I know I am always the one to suggest the nerdy stuff, but hey, I still reckon it would be cool! Say hi to Santa and Barbara for me. Big Fan! Oh and good news.I fixed Min's computer for her.... ;)

Skevos said...

good to hear that you are safe and having fun. Say hi to Bill and make sure he takes you surfing up and down the coast you might bump into Donavan F, Machado or even one of the Currens have fun and take care