Thursday, June 07, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Hawaii

No photo's in this update, just a few choice words about my trip so far.

Hawaii lives up to all expectations. The weather is beautiful, the waves are various and plentiful, the people are friendly and the girls are stunning.

I was a bit bummed out this morning, a little upset that I have to say goodbye to the beautiful Hawaii and the good friends that I've made in the short time that I've been here.

There are soooooo many things that I didn't get a chance to do here, like head over to the other islands, especially the big island and do the Volcano walk and see real lava hitting the sea. I've run out of time and can't do the snorkel out at Hanuama Bay (sorry Laura, please send pictures), I didn't get up into the rainforest and do any of the waterfall hikes, and I didn't get around to nearly enough surf breaks.

But, I spent time hanging with my good friend Myles, hiked a morning to Diamond Head for sunrise with Laura and Emily, snorkeled at Shark Cove, swam at Three Tables, surfed at Myles home break, surfed at Queens, swam at Sunset, surfed until the sun went down into the most amazing sunset, walked out to Ala Moanna park and swam at a perfect beach while spending a perfect day and night with Iain, Devon and Erin, before spending an unforgettable night (except where we forgot due to drunken blackouts) dancing and going for early morning swims. I jammed with a local in the park for an hour, and played at the north shore while we sat around with beers in the rain exchanging traveling stories. I walked around Waimea Bay, and spent time checking out Haliewa town, and probably the best thing was continuing my love for the ocean, and her not spanking the living crap out of me. 7S super fish has treated me well, getting me under even the deepest lip (but nothing like Cenigans).

So thanks to the Waikiki Beachside Hostel on Lemon Street, and the North Shore Backpackers Plantation Village for providing the location to enjoy this wonderful place, and for hosting the great people I have met along the way.

Thanks to Emily, Laura, Iain, Simon, Tony, Jordy, Vic, Aidan, Josh, John, Devon, Anna, Alice, the boy, the reception (guys very helpful, girls all beautiful and definitely not butch), Myles, Pat, Titan, and of course Erin, for making the beginning of this trip as good as it could have been.

Alright, maybe just one photo. I've just got out of the surf, can't think of much better times.


Skevos said...

you are a legend, good start to the Odessey. Wanted more surf shots that flat Waimea Bay but I forgive you too many distractions!

Rip Curl Pro Arica Chili June 20 - 1 July Port town should be able to get there from Mexico
Take care

Emily said...

Hello there! Have been skimming through and counting the amount of times my name appears, I'm pleased. Hope your flights and all go well, I will keep reading for further name mentions!

Birdman said...


I took some footage on my camera of a place out the front of Waikiki called publics. It's a three stroke paddle to catch the wave (ala Slimer) and is a pretty sweet left hander. Got up to 4-5 ft Hawaiian style the other day, I'll see what I can do about putting it up for you.

PaulieG said...


Dude I told you Hawaii rocked! You you understand what I meant now eh? I am soooo going back one day. I felt the same when I left. Totally Bummed. It's a top way to start a trip tho eh? Get's you in the mood. Anyway champ, It's good to hear your having a ball. Now it's Skev's turn. Luck bugger.

Birdman said...


I'm totally on your wavelength now dude. How many freaking abc stores are there?

To be fair though, it's pretty convenient to have them around.

If you ever go back and want to spend a few days in either waikiki or northshore those two places were GREAT. I've stayed in two more hostels since I've left there and they are still the best.

Skev's gonna have a blast!

Hope the new job is going well mate.