Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunset at Ocean Beach

I decided to relax this afternoon and head down to the beach with the guitar, camera, towel and bottle of diet coke.

The waves were Darwinish, so decided to stay dry this afternoon..... plus the water was FREEZING!

I hung down there for a an hour or so, and damn if the only thing I could think of playing was Jack Johnson and The Beautiful Girls. People seemed to enjoy it though, well at least no one pelted me with rotten tomato's (probably none around to throw).

Check out more photo's here.

Oh, and I took the car in to get fixed. The guy, Lester or Les, gave me the impression he'd give me a straight up answer about getting the car done and ready. $171.50 for the lot, which was pretty cool so I said go ahead.

The phone rang again, Les said he was good but I was bad.

The wreckers had sent the front RIGHT spindle, not the left one. Oh well, these things happen. Sounds like something I would do, but this time it wasn't my fault.

So now I'm waiting for the wreckers to see it there's a left spindle (hopefully with a hub) back in LA, get that shipped down here and fitted.

It's a good thing that I was staying for the 4th of July!

By the way, Tiny's is doing nothing to help cure my absolute adoration of bar tenders (bar maids are called bar tenders here, apparently bar maids is a no no to say........ which I found out after 4 weeks)


nils said...

hey birdman - I put your van in newsletter to our members, so now you'll have someone next to you all the time... ;)

Birdman said...

Thanks Nils,

I hope that it'll make a comfy retreat for some of your members throughout Central America.

Anonymous said...

G'day Juz, been a while now mate sounds like you're havin fun, can't believe you got a car worse than the excel!! Kazza's been an extra on Australia with Baz, Nicole and Hugh, they're all besties now apparently! Stay safe mate. Deep

Birdman said...

Hey Deepy,

Hope Territory Day went well!

You'll have to try and post some footage of sophie and wil, or at least our deck idea and how it's coming along.