Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th July in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Well it has just ticked over to 12.47am on July 5th, and that will finish what was one of my better days in life.

I have a bunch of photo's that I want to share with you, but the connection is slow and will have to wait a few days, or at least a walk around the street to find a better wireless connection.

I've very quickly settled into life in Ocean Beach, San Diego (you stay classy).

It is a very easy going place with a great bunch of people. And while NONE of my friends in Darwin can ever be replaced, I think I've found most of your dopplegangers here in Ocean Beach.

But not just Ocean Beach, but in a small community formed at Tiny's Tavern.

After talking with two of the more popular gals in the group, the sisters Dara and Angela confirmed what I thought was true. I had somehow managed to land myself in the best group of people in all of OB.

So if you ever pass through Ocean Beach, be sure to head down Voltaire St and stop at Tiny's Tavern for a beer. While you're there enjoy a cheap beer, good food, and the company of the likes of Tiny, Coach, Kim, Dara, Angela, Brooklyn, Chrissy, Vanessa, Ben, James, Sean, Pete, Jay, Jason, Doug, Thor, Pete, Jackaroo, Shelly, Rita, Debbie, Larry and numerous numerous others that I can't think of at the moment. You will only end up with good times and great memories.

Oh, and on a surfing note, Ocean Beach has had some great swell in the past few days. I went out for a surf the day before (more to get wet, have been kind of hunger over the past week), and got waist to chest high beach breaks with the occasional shoulder high sets.

I was talking to a guy at 6'4 who was out yesterday and apparently the waves were overhead, but as Myles would say "about 3-4 ft................. Hawaiian style!"

The car should be ready to go by tomorrow, which means I'll have my final drinks with my new friends and head off to Mexico on Friday, although I've had a lot of arguments to stay the weekend and leave Monday............

Any suggestions? Run to Mexico or stay a few more days?


inês said...


Mexico can wait :D


Kate said...

Stay.. definitely stay..

nils said...

yeah. stay.

Jackie said...

this just about made me cry..glad you enjoyed your stay with us. we LOVED having you!
take care~

Birdman said...

Thanks Jackaroo.

I hope you got back to Vegas in time to catch up with your "friend"!!!