Monday, July 16, 2007

Off to Scorpion Bay

Yesterday we completed our longest leg of the journey to date.

We woke up just after 6am, which might sound a little bit silly but once the sun gets above the horizon on the sea of cortez the temperature goes straight to 35, and when you're sleeping on the beach it's a good idea to get up and find some shade or start moving.

We left our new friend Rosa much to everyone's disappointment. She had formed a very quick but strong bond with Bag's and was sad to see us go. She tried to give up the nights camping for free, but we insisted she take the money so in turn she gave us some oranges for the journey.

We left Bahia de Los Angeles at about 8.30 am and headed back to the Mexico 1, through Punta Prieta, Villa Jesus Maria and stopped at Guerrero Negro for some lunch at 11am.

We pushed on, losing an hour to Mountain time, at 1pm and went through Vizcaino, San Lino and pulled up in Santa Rosalia where we enjoyed some fresh fruit juice and ice creams (it was freaking hot).

Holly spent about 30 minutes taking money out of the bank because the atm machine was air conditioned.

While we were getting our juice (they even did me a mango, paw paw and banana drink for me... I miss the markets) we met two californian families that were heading back up to the US after spending a couple days at Scorpion Bay.

I thought, after the adventures so far, that the car would have not chance of getting in there and we'd miss out, but after talking with the guy's at the juice shop it seems like we'll be able to do it.

We thanked them for the information and headed further south through Mulege, Punta Concepcion, Bahia Concepcion and on to Loreto where we spent the night.

We even bumped in to Craig, a guy from Wales that we met back at Coyote Cals, while we were heading out for dinner.

So the new plan, once everyone wakes up this morning, is to head south though Puerto Escondido and on to Ciudad Insurgentes, take a right and go back up north towards La Purisima before taking a left onto the road that takes us to Scorpion Bay.

Apparently the roads are a little patchy, but one of the cars that had just done the trip had the same clearance as Chrissy so we should be sweet.

Hopefully the next post will be of empty lineups and 200m rides at Scorpion Bay.

Skev, I promise to get some pics for you mate.

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