Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Ferry ride to Mazatlan

Well the trip was pretty cool. All we did for most of it was sleep. Once we found our room we took a quick walk around the ship, then returned for a few hours nap. We all got up for dinner, however the line was massive so we stood around for about 15 minutes waiting to be fed. It was kind of like a cafeteria at school (if you had those at school).

After dinner we watched the sun set which was pretty cool, then I had a Almond Magnum and headed off to bed again.

I woke up a couple of times at night, but all in all it was probably one of the better nights sleeps I've had.

In the morning the line for breakfast was similar for dinner, and after a 15 minute shut eye we were getting ready to get off the ferry again.

Here's a warning for you if you take your car on. WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PUT YOUR CAR ON THE FERRY. This will allow you to drive straight off and not have to wait 40 minutes in the belly of a ship dodging crazy truck drivers (turned out they were trying to get out to the parking lot quickly because the three girls were sat there trying to making passing vehicles crash).

When they say they pack the cars in like sardines, they're not joking. Have a look at the below picture, it gives you an idea about the distance between trucks and cars.

We're in Mazatlan now and just finished a nice feed of garlic shirmp (prawns) and a surf at Playa Bruja which is about 20 minutes north from the centre of Mazatlan.

We've checked into the Mexican Hotel (where do they come up with the names) and I'm about to have a well deserved siesta.

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