Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mexico - Cabo Pulmo

I just finished pouring out a Banalla Pacifico Beer into four hot plastic cups in Cabo Pulmo. The hot cups made the beer froth up to look more like beer-a-chino's then beers, but it's hot and the beer is good.

We've got the beach to ourselves, beautiful white sands with a coral reef and hundreds of species of fish, yet when I walked away with the beer the wind caught the top of the big bottle (it filled four beers after all) and you could here a low pitch hum rise out. All that was in my head was Homer saying.........

"Lisa, never ever stop playing in the middle of a ho-down"

It's funny that in the middle of nowhere, in perfect paradise that your mind will still cast itself back to the Simpsons............... well maybe that's just me.

I can't recall where the last place was I wrote about, but since Scorpion Bay we headed to Punta Conejo and stayed the night. It's a really nice place, with a better accessed road then what Scorpion Bay is on, plus you're a little more isolated which means fewer people and less people in the Surf.

We spent Saturday night in Cabo San Lucas. I, to the disappointment of my San Diego friends I'm sure, stayed out of the show girl clubs. In fact, we stayed out of all the nightclubs.

Cabo is loud, expensive and full of people trying to get drunk and pick up.

For some reason unbeknown to me that wasn't something at the time which I was all that keen to do.

I think I'm getting old. That's now the 3rd town that I haven't got into a bar because it was too loud and they were forcing people to drink.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same person that'll spend another 2 weeks in OB trying to kill my liver, but that's not nightclubs with thumping music (except if Dara is thumping out country....... again!!!). At the moment give me a beach, the van and a group of people searching for waves.

Speaking of waves, the day after we spent the night in Cabo we headed towards San Jose to check out the surf in "The Corridor". Zippers had some waves, but they were yet again more of a long boarders wave and you needed to avoid the jagged rocks that reared out of the water.

Further down in between the two Zippers surf shops was a stage with some live music (DJ only, no musicians...... and no DJ's do not count as musicians) and a surf competition was on as well.

Awesome!!!! A chance to film some waves again.

I've never actually seen a surf competition take place in 1 foot waves before, and while I'm sure they are all great surfers........... 1ft!

That night we grabbed some food, taco's of course, and bumped into our friends Victor and his son (Edwardo I think, he was always quiet). We met them at Scorpion Bay, caught up with them at Punta Conejo, followed them to Cabo, and ran into them again in San Jose at the restaurant. Victor was nice enough to buy us all a Governer Taco (shrimp with cheese grilled). Cheers Victor!!!

That night we drove around for 1/2 hour trying to find a place to stay, I was beat so I didn't really care where we stayed, as long as it was somewhere in the next 30 minutes.

After nearly getting in 2 car accidents (someone nearly rammed us at the traffic lights, had to screech the breaks and all) we arrived on the beach and found a place to bunker down for the evening. The area we were at was the local hang out for a Sunday night, so it was busy and loud. That of course meant that it took me about 10 seconds to fall asleep instead of 5.

We left San Jose and headed up the Mexico 1 towards La Paz.

We stopped in at the Tropic of Cancer and took some touristy photo's, we even found a little piece of Australia there as well (the beer cap was Tasmania).

Now, like I mentioned earlier, we're chillin on the beach in Punta Calbo.

Tomorrow, well tomorrow is another day, and I'll wait until it arrives before I start guessing what we'll be doing with it. Hopefully somewhere nearby will be getting some swell at some stage so that we can get more of a surf in. As for now I think I'm going to get the board and go for a paddle on this lake of an ocean just so I do something else today besides gorge on Taco's.

"Bed goes up, bed goes down, bed goes up, bed goes down........"

(internet connection is slow so no photo's yet...... there coming)

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