Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scorpion Bay

This place is great, but be warned that it is a bit of a bumpy ride on the way in.

We were going alright for most of the way, but be warned that if you spend too much time looking at the Volcano with the plug in the top then you'll miss the turn off and head into La Purimisa and into San Isidro. If you do this, you've gone too far.

Instead, take the left about 5 km before the town across the battered bridge over the small amount of water flowing through the river and continue slowly along the dirt road.

Good news is that they are paving the whole road, but unfortunately only 1/3 of it has been done so it's long going for the rest.

When you get to San Juanico go through the town and turn left and follow the dirt road that runs along the coast until you see the sign for Scorpion Bay.

The place is beautiful, sunset was really nice, but don't expect it to be like mexico in the camp itself. The town is definitely mexico, but the camp is quite Americanised........ burgers, steaks, bacon and eggs etc.

Check the swell before you come, and if it says 1-2 feet it is not hawaiian style, it is quite the opposite. Bring your longboard!!!!

Sunride would struggle to catch a wave here. We're about to go for a wander into the town and check it out.

Haha, the dude that just served me a diet pepsi looks like Slimer (chris), but in about 10 years. Dude, you're going to start going grey in your beard. Even he is checking out the young girls here, it's like I've got Chris here with me.

I've left the camera in the car, so photo's will follow...... I haven't forgotten Skevos.


Anonymous said...

Birdman, just wanted to share a conversation I had with Kara on Ladies Day. "Justin's travelling around Mexico in a van with a load of girls!!" Apparently shocked? My only response could be.. "have you met Justin before!

Then "He nearly got stuck hanging out at a bar in Ocean Beach!!"....."Seriously have you met Justin before!!!!!"

Mate, I'm so jealous the trip sounds so amazing, you know we'll be missing you heaps but so happy you're havin' a great time with some great people.

Stay safe, Deep

Skevos said...

mate what a trip sounds and looks like you are having a ball, make sure you get elmariachi shots. Mate unlucky with the surf what can you do just have to sit and wait. Nick and Pedro are in Lombok and Sumbawa having an awesome surf with about 5 people max out in the water at any time, however there is no much in terms of luxury so I would imagine by the time they back to Bali they will be hanging for a warm shower and a seat when they go to the toilet. I am off in 6 weeks to Hawaii oh make sure you do some teme tambien stuff to
see ya and take care with the federales andele andele

inês said...

Your trip sounds amazing, bad luck with the waves....good luck with the people you met...

Travelling is not about the the destination is about the journey ( in portugues it sounds a lot better " não é o destino é o caminho")

I'm off to France in 2 weeks, Hossegor will be my playground for 10 days.

Peace and surf