Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stockwell Slutbox & Boatraces

You might be hard pressed to work out what these two things have in common, but don't worry there's not much.

Stockwell Slutbox is the name that someone may have given to our household at some point...... for no other reason then we live in Stockwell...... and we're a bunch of sluts..... but not really.

This morning I started a t-shirt design in honour of all the stayers at the box, it's not completely finished but it's mostly there.

..... and the boat race?

Well its the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race today and we're off there now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

London Pub Surfing - Old Kings Head

Shenannigans Irish Pub was my local while I was back in Dariwn, but now that I'm back in blighty I've rekindled my love affair with the pub around the corner from work.

After a particular long day at work I decided to stop in there for a quick been on the way home to check if they had the cricket on (Australia was playing a Test match).

Not only did they change the channel and put the game on for me, but they also turned off the music and turned up the commentary..... and then when I ordered a beer they charged £2.


If you're ever around on a week night be sure to drop in and say hi.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Many meanings of ass

18th March is a rubbish day..... and as long as I consider myself to be part Irish it will continue to be for me as well as a very large portion of the Western population.

The first thought that occurred to me as I woke this morning was "I feel like ass".

Actually, my first thought was "How did I sleep all night with the laptop still sitting on my chest where I obviously fell asleep catching up on twitter updates".

My second thought was, "I feel like ass".

That statement alone has many connotations. Do I feel like ass the same way I felt like having another guinness last night, or, like a bald head with re-growth that feels like sand paper was my whole body made up from two cheeks, wispy hair and a brown eye that smelled bad.

None of those.

The ass, or bum as it is more humourously referred to as, is generally a place of despair.... or at least when you think about your own bum. It is this place of despair that I was facing this morning and hence the 2nd thought of the day.

Ass doesn't just stop there either. You can be rat-arsed, get your ass kicked, kick some ass of your own, know an ass-hole, be out at the pub metaphorically chasing ass or be at a gay bar and literally chasing ass, you could be an ass-wipe, you could use an ass-wipe (i hope you all do, it's called toilet paper people!)

Whatever ass you may be, I hope it's not the 18th of March kind of ass.

Now where is my pint of guinness?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

London Bathroom Cam

As you know I live with 5 other people and share a bathroom. There's 3 guys and 3 girls, but one of them keeps using my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc etc and it's getting on my nerves.

To find out which one, rather then confront them all, I've set up a webcam so that I can monitor it from anywhere I go.

I'm turning it off when I'm using the bathroom and as soon as I catch them I'll take it down.

London Bathroom Cam

Work getting the better of you?

Work has been getting the better of me lately.

Work and the pub.

Work during the day, pub at night......... and on the weekends..... all day.

The pub has been getting the better of me lately.

Ahhh yes, that's much more to the point.

It's not 'entirely' true, but true enough at the moment.

That shouldn't fool you though, there's been plenty of other things happening over the past few weeks that seemed to have missed out on constant updating posts, so watch out for the follow up on the West Hame game, East Point Sunset, Comic Book look at World War 2, and the filming of Victor Mennace at Burdens.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Informative Coffee Mugs

Today was a long day.

I've spent a good part of 6 hours a day over the past few days writing a scope of work for a client.

While it is fun and rewarding because you are able to create the perfect project..... after 15 hours anyone is going to get tired of anything (yes, even that ;)

This tiredness led me into the kitchen for a coffee, where I made a simple yet profound discovery.

Informative Coffee Mugs.

The Coffee Mug that I chose was "The Mug of VI" which had a list of VI commands around it's circumference.

Nerdy? Yes, very nerdy indeed. BUT it made me think that we could have a whole swagger of coffee mugs with tips. Mac Tips, PC Tips, Matrix tips, tips on popping up, paddling, duck diving, reading weather maps, good conditions, bad conditions...........good pick up lines, bad pick uplines, the list is endless........

If you could have a coffee mug with instructions, what would you want to have?