Monday, March 02, 2009

Informative Coffee Mugs

Today was a long day.

I've spent a good part of 6 hours a day over the past few days writing a scope of work for a client.

While it is fun and rewarding because you are able to create the perfect project..... after 15 hours anyone is going to get tired of anything (yes, even that ;)

This tiredness led me into the kitchen for a coffee, where I made a simple yet profound discovery.

Informative Coffee Mugs.

The Coffee Mug that I chose was "The Mug of VI" which had a list of VI commands around it's circumference.

Nerdy? Yes, very nerdy indeed. BUT it made me think that we could have a whole swagger of coffee mugs with tips. Mac Tips, PC Tips, Matrix tips, tips on popping up, paddling, duck diving, reading weather maps, good conditions, bad conditions...........good pick up lines, bad pick uplines, the list is endless........

If you could have a coffee mug with instructions, what would you want to have?

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