Friday, October 20, 2006

Surf Trip goes World Wide

What has started as a two week adventure down the East Coast of Australia has now grown to a one year treck around the World.

Ever since I can remember, after the age of 18, I've wanted to travel the world. I look at the way I am when I'm on holidays in Australia and it's the kind of person I wish I always was. Carefree, expressive, relaxed........ travelling is like my muse.

So I've combined the quest for my muse through travel into my new found love of surfing. The trip will begin in May and go to
New York
San Diego
Costa Rica
6 months to plan, 6 months to save.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surf Spots

The days are slowly ticking away and the trip is getting closer and closer.

My original companion for the trip has left Brisbane and is currently working in Darwin, so I'm out my own again. I've still got Jill for the first part of the trip to Cabarita, and hopefully I'll get to catch up with my old flat mate in brissy or sydney.

I've got an idea of where I'll be when, but nothing definate has been set out just yet.

  1. Cabarita - Burleigh Heads, Fingal, Cabarita (see Nicole, Emma, Lizzy, Reanna, Picko)

  2. Byron Bay - Cabarita, Pottsville, Wategoes (see Jen)

  3. Byron Bay - as above

  4. Lennox Head - Lennox Head

  5. Crescent Head - Crescent Head

  6. Crescent Head - Crescent Head

  7. Port Macquarie - Port Macquarie

  8. Port Macquarie - Port Macquarie

  9. Sydney - Angourie

  10. - -

  11. - -

  12. - Wilson's Promentry - Wilson's Promentry

  13. - Wilson's Promentry - Wilson's Promentry

  14. - -2hrs from Melbourne -

  15. - Melbourne -

I'm really looking forward to the Fot Sun festival. I've been in touch with Simon, an english guy from Sydney that I met while staying in Byron Bay over Australia Day 2006. He used to play lead guitar in a band with his twin brother and we spent hours on the balcony at Middle Reef strumming out tunes. It turns out that Simon is friends with one of the band members playing at the festival so he might get a free ride while he's there, and it would be awesome to hang out and jam with some professionals.

The Beautiful Girls will be making an appearence as well so I hope to catch up with Clay again, might even try to see if they can squeeze a surf in while I'm there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Google Surfing Maps

I've been playing around a little bit with getting Surf Maps to appear using the Google Maps functions.

I managed to get the first couple working well on my footage blog, and then tried to recreate it with another blog which I will dedicate entirely to Surf Spots. Unfortunately only one map is working on this site at the moment, but that leads me to the next step.

I came across a tutorial from the Ajax Search API Hack blog site and intend to implement.

Fingers crossed, and i'll be sure to keep you updated as it goes. I'll be documenting and adding each surf location on my "Surf the Dream" tour for anyone that happens to follow in my footsteps.

55 days, 11 hours, 32 minutes until East Coast Road Trip!

Times ticking down and I'm happy to say it's all going to plan.

I've been hitting the road 4-5 times a week with a 5km run, and swimming 1km once a week (in a very slow 40 minutes ). I've got my flexability to a point I've never had before, I can actually touch the ground while standing.......with my legs straight! Seriously, first time I've been able to do that without warming up EVER!!!!! Go Yoga!

Yoga has slipped off to once a week but will be back onto twice a week next week, and the gym will be reintroduced to work on my core stability.

The trip couldn't arrive quick enough.

East Coast Trip Expands

I've taken the idea of this east coast trip and i'm trying to expand it to cover the world.

The idea of travelling, suring, playing guitar, and filming is soooo compelling to me that I want to make it my full time job. The only problem, as someone rudely pointed out, is that you don't get paid for having that kind of fun.

To them I say, why the hell not?!?!?!

Now for a good idea to make me money.....................

Blogger Beta

Hooray, I've been allowed to upgrade my old blogs to blogger beta.
Now I've got to work out what's new, which labels I want to use, what cool nerdy geeky things I can now do, and how I'm going to get refocused on my actual day job now I've got a new toy......