Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surf Spots

The days are slowly ticking away and the trip is getting closer and closer.

My original companion for the trip has left Brisbane and is currently working in Darwin, so I'm out my own again. I've still got Jill for the first part of the trip to Cabarita, and hopefully I'll get to catch up with my old flat mate in brissy or sydney.

I've got an idea of where I'll be when, but nothing definate has been set out just yet.

  1. Cabarita - Burleigh Heads, Fingal, Cabarita (see Nicole, Emma, Lizzy, Reanna, Picko)

  2. Byron Bay - Cabarita, Pottsville, Wategoes (see Jen)

  3. Byron Bay - as above

  4. Lennox Head - Lennox Head

  5. Crescent Head - Crescent Head

  6. Crescent Head - Crescent Head

  7. Port Macquarie - Port Macquarie

  8. Port Macquarie - Port Macquarie

  9. Sydney - Angourie

  10. - -

  11. - -

  12. - Wilson's Promentry - Wilson's Promentry

  13. - Wilson's Promentry - Wilson's Promentry

  14. - -2hrs from Melbourne -

  15. - Melbourne -

I'm really looking forward to the Fot Sun festival. I've been in touch with Simon, an english guy from Sydney that I met while staying in Byron Bay over Australia Day 2006. He used to play lead guitar in a band with his twin brother and we spent hours on the balcony at Middle Reef strumming out tunes. It turns out that Simon is friends with one of the band members playing at the festival so he might get a free ride while he's there, and it would be awesome to hang out and jam with some professionals.

The Beautiful Girls will be making an appearence as well so I hope to catch up with Clay again, might even try to see if they can squeeze a surf in while I'm there.

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