Monday, June 11, 2007

Train Crash

Yes that is right, I was involved in a train crash.

Don't worry, nothing really happened, but our train just hit a car. Didn't feel a thing, the worse bit was the driver stopping while I wasn't paying attention so I nearly fell off my seat.

Now I'm looking out the window at the Home of the San Francisco Giants and Willie Mays Gate. How cool is it though, I got the laptop out and BANG, instant wireless connection. This internet thing is EVERYWHERE!


Kelli said...

Man what is with the train crashes? There was a bad one in VIC like last week! In reply to your last message...hahahaha me in Morocco? I don't think so! Maybe i could save up for a trip to Dublin or London! :)
Stay Safe!!!
Lil sis!
P.S The baby will be here soon hopefully!

Birdman said...

I'll get set up in the UK first so you can crash at a place and save all your money!

Keep me posted about the baby!