Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chillin on the North Shore

After writing yesterdays post Erin and I hired some snorkle gear and headed off to Shark Cove for some snorkling. Unfortunately my camera works best out of the water (so does Erin's, but she tries the underwater...... and then gets a new camera).

The day was a less then perfect day in Hawaii, and it's looking to stay more of the same today. After the rain came in the night before and spoiled our fun at the beach it hasn't really left us. I'm blaming the green shirt that Erin has been wearing, every time it's on it rains, but she seems to think it has more to do with the weather...... pfffft, as if.

Rather then being out in the sun chillin it was a day for the front porch of the cabins.

Erin, Emily and myself caught the bus in to Haleiwa to check out some shops and hit the post office. They close the post office here a 4pm, and if you're in there when the door is locked don't expect to get out until everyone else is ready to go.

Rather then catch the bus back home Erin and I walked back to the hostel. It's just under a 2 hour walk, but it was nice to wander down the winding coast line and get a closer look at the beaches.
Great Lunch Place at Haleiwa
Waimea Bay..... pfft, I could surf it like this

We grabbed some beers, wine and some snacky food on the way back and sat up on the Porch with Aidon, Josh and Emily and listened to 80's glam rock (like Poison, Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses). Lots of laughs were had, the monotonous snare drum and even the Wet Monster story was told much to the hysterics of the porch.
As I type I can see the sun poking through the clouds. The life here is very cruisy and the people are very friendly. But, it's time to go again, off to Waikiki for a few more days before leaving Hawaii for San Francisco.

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