Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Walk to Ala Manoa Beach Park

Damn Damn Damn!!!!

I'd written a huge story on our walk from the hostel out to Ala Manoa beach park, and then the Mac froze and I lost the lot.

Oh well, that's life!

Now I've got more to talk about. After the mac crashed we decided to go down the road to the block party (the city closed the street and had live music and food).

We left that and headed to Dukes for a couple of beers and met Mat who is a airline mechanic. The girls asked him and his friend if they could sit at the table and the guys got really excited, right up to the point that Iain and myself sat down with them.

Mat takes a picture of Iain Me Erin Simon Devon

Mat takes a photo of himself

Simon told us about Lulu's, which had $1 beers. So we were off in search of Lulu's, which ended up being around the corner from the hostel, and had $5 pitchers (jugs) of beer.

A few beers later and Iain was lighting up the dance floor with some moves, and Devon was throwing down dancing challenges all over the place.
Iain and Devon letting it rip on the dance floor
The night ended with a moon lit swim in the marina out the front of our hostel, which of course has now led to my clothes being saturated in sand.......... oh well, it's all part of the Hawaiian experience.

There's more photo's at Face Book, but here's a couple if you can't be bothered clicking on this link.....

A Night Out at Waikiki

Battery's nearly gone, more later.

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