Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunrise at Diamond Head Lookout

Well today has been a looooooong day already.

One of the girls staying at the hostel had the idea of walking up to Diamond Head lookout in the morning to catch the sunset. Seemed like a pretty good idea, apparently it's the best view in Waikiki and sunrise is alway beautiful (although more then often seen on the way home to be rather then just out of bed).

I aimed to get an early night for the 3.40am start and apologised in advance to my room mates. Laura, one of the girls that is in the room, thought that the idea sounded pretty good and was in for it as well, however on reflection of the Lonely Planet guide it seemed that we needed sturdy hiking boots to make the 1.6 mile round trip.

Fortunately Laura had just spent 6 months in Australia with her other half and is well versed in the use of thongs. How hard could the climb be?

So at 3.40am we got up, put our hiking thongs on and went down stairs to meet Emily and wait for the taxi. We got there a shade after 4am to find a 12 foot locked gate and a sign for a 6am open.

About 5 seconds later Laura had squeezed through the gap in the fence, which fortunately big enough for my fat ass and over sized head (or so I'm told).

35 minutes later, after walking over the semi rough terrain in our thongs and over came the 100+ steps we were on top of the lookout with some amazing sites.

We got some good shots, but the camera didn't do justice to just how beautiful the scenary
was at that time of the morning.

After a couple of snaps, poses and some polaroid pictures we took joy in slowly wandering down the hill as we passed 30-40 people making the journey up in the heat of the morning.

From there, hungry as hell, we headed back to the hostel for a quick shower before walking past the breakfast house twice trying to find it (not good seeing as our stomachs had started to digest themselves).

Emily headed off for the North Shore, and Laura and I took the 1 hour 20 minute bus ride out to Pearl Harbour to do the tour.

It's now a little past 13 hours since I woke up, and it's still sunlight! I'm off to surf the easy waves of Waikiki to wake myself up.

Tonight it's off to a few pubs to have a few beers with Laura before she heads off tomorrow, there's a place here called the Yard House that has 129 tap beers served in either 6 midi glasses (tasting plate), Pints, or............... wait for it.............. half yard glasses!

Hopefully it'll only be one beer there...... one big beer!


~Clarisa~ said...

Thoughs are some beatuiful pics you do not see everyday

Birdman said...

Thanks Clarisa, the scenery here in Hawaii is amazing, so it's pretty tough to take a bad picture.

Karren said...

"It's a beautiful day
The sun is shining, I feel good
And no-one's gonna stop me now, oh yeah" Very gorgeous, something about sunrises - to me they're very special. You feel so alive and at a good aussie bloke would say "how's the serenity"