Saturday, May 26, 2007

Leaving Australia

I'm sitting down a dingy corridor at the sydney airport..... it's the only place I could find with a power point to charge the laptop.

I've made all the relevant phone calls, now I'm just waiting a while before I have to clear customs and head off on the plane.

So far I've been pretty lucky, a lot of people on the site have helped me out with suggestions, both saying good and bad things about the trip through central america.

I've got a guy coming to the airport to pick me up in San Francisco, how cool is that?!?

I had some problems getting on in Brisbane. Apparently you can only check 2 bags in on flights to america, so I had to choose between the boards, guitar or the back pack, or pay an extra $120.

Anyone care to guess what I left behind? Or if I paid the money?

Picture from the front of Sydney International Airport

Well it ended up being neither. It turns out that I could take the guitar and my day bag on as hand luggage.... hooray for saving $120.00

Anyway, it's time to board the plan, I wonder if I'll get the seat to myself?

View from Observation Deck in Sydney


Anonymous said...

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again............" no seriously, glad to hear that you got all your stuff on board without any expense or heart break!!!!!! Hope you get that spare seat/s to stretch out and sleep!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Safe flight, Kazza

Birdman said...

Thanks Kazza, flight went well and all is good in Waikiki now.

Happy days!