Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Flight Over

Well the trip went well.

I sat next to Kale (Michaela) who is a very shy girl........ apparently. We chatted for most of the flight, she's off to work at a Summer Camp in the states, sounds like fun.
Everything went pretty well, got a fair bit of sleep on the plane and it was pretty smooth. The only down side was we didn't have individual tv's in the back of the seats, instead a freaking cinema screen with movies like "Becoming Jane".

Like I said, I got a fair bit of sleep on the plane.

Coming into Hawaii was beautiful, although i was a bit bummed about the amount of cloud around, but that's cleared up now to a beautiful day.

I've headed around Waikiki, gone for a swim, got a mobile number (email me if you want it, I gave Kylie a quick call so she's got it too), got sunscreen and am coming to grips with this money, bloody coins all look alike ;)

Here's a quick snap shot of waikiki beach, better pictures to come.......
Oh, and I got word from Myles my Hawaiian buddy that a 20ft swell is hitting the island. Time to get the camera out for some epic surf footage.

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