Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pipe and a Pikelet

I love bakery's, but I'm not too sure how many of them do pikelets. Or pipes for that matter. It just seemed a better title then a bong and a crepe.

It's the one thing that I hope will stay the say throughout my worldly travels.

I don't care if it's a crappy bakery, but as long as they have sausage rolls and pies I'll be happy. If they decide that they want to expand, GREAT, I'm all for that. Include jam filled donuts, and donuts with jam and cream, and don't forget the vanilla slice (or snot boxes as bianca likes to call them).

A really good bakery will do a sandwich as well (yes Kara, I still can't say it). Something that you can buy in the morning, eat half of, and finish off after a day at the blues and roots festival.

Of course finally, the bakery needs to have something there to wash down the food. I think that is where I'm going to struggle the most in the travels, the daily bottle/s of diet coke.

Maybe I could put in for sponsorship with the, although traveling through Central America touting that I'm sponsored by “coke” may not be the best idea. Coca-Cola seems to be a safer word to use during the trip.

You could see the advert now. “Nothing washes away the memories of being held at gunpoint by drug runners like a Diet Coke........ ahhhhhhhh, taste the freedom”.

Anyway, I've finished the sausage roll and there's a mouthful of dc to go, time to hit the road and finish the preparations before I leave the country tomorrow.

Get a digital camera, finalise banking details, hand out itineraries, pack and repack till I've got something I can carry.

1 Year. Seems a long time, but I have no doubt what-so-ever that it will absolutely fly by.


Anonymous said...

Dad testing comments.......

Pruestar said...

Well I'm sorry to say but Bakeries don't do pies here in the UK, just pasties........ I know its disturbing, I'm living it. But on a high note they have sausage rolls and an abundance of Diet Coke.

Birdman said...

Well Pruestar you nearly destroyed my opinion of travel until the Sausage Rolls and Diet Coke confirmation.