Saturday, May 26, 2007

Surfing Waikiki

Just finished my first surf, and yes, I'm the most unfit S.O.B known to man. Well perhaps with the exception of Paul Sac, his guns may be huge but his legs are soooo cute and spindly.

Sorry Sac.

Waves were small, water was warm, and the beach lauched itself from sand into the Diamond Head creator off to the right. Beautiful scenery, I'll post some photo's up soon.

Anyway, it's about a 300m paddle out to the line up, and then a long wait. By the time I got out there I was ready to die, I think a mixture of not surfing, only having eaten breakfast today, jet lag, being unfit and the fact that I'm as soft as a babies bottom has something to do with it.

Intersting trend I've noticed though, of the 3 people staying in my dorm 3 of us have laptops, 2 with mac's, and while I'm sitting here typing this surfing someone else's internet connection for nothing, another guy has turned up with a black mac the same as mine.

Is the world of backpacking moving into the computer age? You have to wonder...... with things like couchsurfing and the like it's now become a requirement to have the internet available when traveling.

Things have obviously changed over the years. Elise traveled with nothing more then a few clothes, Dad thinks that checking email every 90 days is a hassle, where as I travel with a laptop and feel the need to check email every 9 hours.

I'm sure these things will change as I travel on, I think I must still be getting out of work mode.

When in Rome........... drink Budweiser

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