Tuesday, May 22, 2007

beginning the trip

The week leading up to the trip has been that of a roller coaster....... not much time left on the internet so here's a basic run down of things so far, i'll update it with more time.

Saturday farewell and out until the wee hours with Baylis
Sunday farewell very sick and throwing up for the first time in a long time.
Sunday elbowed in the nose while at the cav, Kanos came down a few beers by all, double mixtures bombay mojitos, watching the soccer with deep at shags and the hammers getting up, telling josh no playing on stage that night, instead do it on tuesday night.

Tuesday cacelled the quiz, went in to sing. Mat and Tash singing, organise more singing later on (we went down to the arc bar).

Wednesday last day at work, drinks after work. Thursday get ready for the trip plus a huge practice session down at the cav with tash. arguments over scones and scones, and chocolate brownies.
Played on thursday night and deep, kwhy and baylis turn up again.

Friday night few quiet beers, forget to say bye to baylis, staying up all night with another girl I met talking about things and getting to know each other a little better.

Lose the keys, great dramams, breakky, fly out, no contact from lizzy, but then comes to the rescue anna, katie and lexi. Great two days. catch up with emma and talk for hours. Miss her heaps, she looks absolutely fantastic.

anyway, here's so pictures to sum up because I can't recall everything.

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