Thursday, February 08, 2007

Discovery Dancers and Kid Kenobi

Well first off I have to say that the girls definately work for their money. There were jumping around on the podiums, getting the crowed going... it made me sweat just looking at them.

The filming went alright, however again the low light inside a nightclub made it tough to get a decent shot, and this time we didn't have the luxury of throwing flood lights on the girls (obviously not literally throwing them, that would probably kill or seriously mame them).

I sat around the vacant balconies while Walker and, my new american friend ,Nick roamed around the floor taking footage from below the dancers.

Oh and yes, it turns out that no matter how fit you are, filming from a low angle is not very flattering for the neck and chin area. Having said that, we'll be sure to omit any of those shots for the final piece of work (and then use them for blackmail;)

Once the girls moved from the back podiums to the front of the stage next to the DJ things picked up a lot more. More people hit the dance floor, which spurred on the DJ to move it up a gear, and hallelujah the lights started hitting the girls (again, not literally.... death).

Of course by then it was late, so I got a couple of wide shots with to capture the whole atmosphere, a couple of full body with shots with the crowd dancing below and a couple of really tight shots of the head and upper body, and the hair and arms being flung around like feces in a monkey enclosure.

In the end I didn't actually get to see Kid Kenobi play, but the night was a heap of fun and I think we got some pretty good shots by the end of the night.

Now alls thats left is to get the editing tools out and cut something useful.

Oh, and on a final note we took a straw poll and voted Red as the best dancer of the night. Go Red!

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