Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Filming Young Hot Girls

Well that sounds kind of wrong, but it's true.

I got home on Monday afternoon and had a msn message waiting for me.

"Do you want to film the Discovery Girls on Wednesday night"

Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I do!

For those that are not aware, and I assume that is all of you, Discovery is the local nightclub which caters for the 18-22 age bracket. It's great during those years, but after a while you just want to go to the pub so you can hear the person next to you.

The message was from an old mate of mine who has recently bought a 3ccd chip camera and is always on the look out to do a bit of filming. We've always talked about doing some nature footage, sunsets, storms and the like, but this seemed HEAPS better.

Unfortunately the filming is only going to pay $15 an hour, but it's better then nothing, and I'm trying to keep out the thoughts that most of the dancers we're still in Primary School when I started working after high school.

Oh well, it's all practice and experience. Who knows, i may be in Stolkholm when someone asks me if I've had any experience in filming nightclub dancers.....

"Why yes, I have done that before."


Beach Bum said...

Ok - now can you upload the finished film to YouTube please? ;)


Birdman said...

Done and done beach bum. check it out here