Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cars like computers?

Cars like computers?

I couldn't get on to blogger by itself, so I thought I'd get on by blogging about another web page. I work with computers so it's kind of funny to see it in that light.

The filming last night went well, and different to what I expected. The nightclub itself is a lot smaller when the lights are on and you're one of 10 people there, and I don't remember it ever smelling that bad.

The lighting was extremely poor, only one in fact, but I was able to get a flood light to help with things. I watched some of the video this morning, and most angles it looks alright even with the camera set to -3db. The girls stand out quite well, and the background is pretty much solid black.

The Canon XL1S is known for it's bad performance in low light, but I was happy enough with the result.

The aim was to get as many angles and different shots as possible for that session, which on review will give us an idea of what to and where to shoot from next time.

We were rewarded with tickets to see kid kenobie tonight, not much of a DJ fan but it'll be good chance to see how the camera goes on a "Disco" night with the lights going.

Big thanks to Pete Walker for getting me involved, and to Poppy who has organised it all.

If there's some decent footage from the Kid Kenobie gig tonight I'll put it up on my Myspace Videos

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