Monday, November 05, 2007

Surf Trip to Portugal

This is the starting post in what is going to be a great weeks holiday in Portugal.

For all those that stumble across this post are keen to join in on the fun, make sure you add a comment to this blog and let me know how to get in contact with you. For all my friends reading my updates, now is your chance to start planning a holiday and catch up an unforgettable week away (James, there is no sharks here at all...... promise).

Now there are no excuses for you not to come along on this surf trip. It's not going to be until next year after winter so you have plenty of time to save money, apply for leave, and to hit the gym so you're ready to get into your surf wear and show off your hot body. Of course, those of us coming from the UK will be showing off our white-if-not-see-through bodies, but once they get some sun you'll be impressed.

For those that don't like surfing.............. well what are you doing reading this blog. Go away!

Only kidding. If you don't like surfing you are still going to enjoy camping on the beach and listening to the waves crash at night, still enjoy sitting around a campfire while Tod, Tyson and myself woo you with our acoustic pop hits (by the way Tod and Tyson, you're already penned in for this one), and love the scenery, good food and cheap beer!

Dates are still very much in the air, but I am keeping in mind that the week of Anzac day is OUT, however we could do it a week either side of it to coincide it with our Aussie and Kiwi travellers. I was going to plan to have it over the Easter weekend, but that is going to fall in March this year and from what I've heard that is still going to be too cold to be enjoyable in the water.

The camp will last for 7 days, including the pick up and drop off days from Porto airport.

The cost is, at the moment for off season, 280 euro's for camping, and a little more for caravans and again more for the beach house. I'm only going to be organising tents for now, but if it turns out that we can get everyone into a beach house for the same price or cheaper then I'll go with that.

There are discounts for groups, but again that will depend on the number of people coming along.

The price will include your airport transfers, breakfast, accommodation, surf lessons, equipment (surfboards, rash guards, wet suits etc), all you need to do is cover lunch/dinner, beers and flights in and out of Porto.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if you've surfed for 15 years or 15 seconds, everyone will get what they are after from this week.

Let me know if your interested!


david mcneil said...

hi, err ijust stumbled across this blog and would like to know if this is still happening and if there were any dates sorted? also if you wouldnt mind a random english guy coming along

Birdman said...

Hi David, random people are more then welcome to come along.

The original dates were for early in May, however the dates are being pushed back towards the end of may at the moment.

I've got something else on in July too if you're interested. It involves Camper Vans, 15 countries, La Tomatina, Running of the Bulls and Oktoberfest!

I'll be posting on it soon.

Anonymous said...

hey im coming out of florida so when is the porto trip and what are the deets im in if you dont mind sound like a good time my name is edison by the way

Birdman said...

Well I'll be driving up the Portugal Coast line between 28th August and 15th September. There are no concrete plans, just find a beach, some swell, and let the rest happen naturally.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Im planning a road trip from Lanzarote to UK and planning on surfing the coast all the way up!
Thinking September time as less wind, let me know if anyone coincides! ltrs