Friday, November 23, 2007

A Night out at the Daaaags

Tonight was one of my new work mates farewells.

We had talked about a few options earlier in the week, all revolving around the pub, but ended up deciding to make it just a little bit more special and head out to Walthamstow greyhounds.

Now I have to say that I've been to the dog's a few times in my life time, but this was some thing different.

For those in Australia, going from the Winnellie Greyhounds to the Walthamstow is like going from the Tennant Creek races to the Melbourne Cup.

There were 14 races between 7:45 an 10:30, and I didn't back a single winner. I wanted to do my normal trick and just back the pink for the night, but of course there were no pink dogs running. In fact, there are only 6 dogs in each race which greatly reduced the different colours I could back, but didn't make my winning ways any better.

The night was great........ as the pictures will show, but at the moment I've been sitting on the train for nearly an hour stopped waiting for another train to clear the tracks.

Grear night.............. bloody ordinary trip home.

The good thing is that I've decided, due to the sheer cold of the track, that I need to get out of the UK for christmas. I'm planning to head over to Morocco for a surfing 10 days in the near warm waters.

Tonnes of stuff to do at work tomorrow, but loving every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh The 'Stow, happy days.... but a distant memory now sadly, Jus you're actually starting to make me miss the UK a bit. What with a trip to the dogs and a Hammers game coming up, wish I was there, bit cold though I 'spose?

Up the Hammers!