Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Surf in Europe

The next few weeks are looking like they're going to be pretty hectic.

I'm coming up to the last 6 days of work for 3 months, and there is still so much work to get done. I've also got a wedding video to edit, Wicked Campers Ireland video and I have to get everything organised for my trip back home to Australia.

Fortunately there's a lot of exciting things coming up also.

1st July is the first day of my 3 month trip, and it's going to be spent filming the Wicked Camper Van tour heading off from London.  There is about 15 vans going and their first stop will be Pamplona for the running of the bulls.

The 2nd July will see us going to Hyde Park to watch Mason Jennings, Jack Johnson and GLove play in an open air concert, I can't wait!  The last time I saw Jack and G Love was back in 2005 with Jimmy, Rol's, Kara and Chani at the Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay.

The next morning at 6am I jump in my own Wicked Camper and start the journey down to Dover to catch the Ferry over to France.  From there I'll set the GPS on Smashed Travel Camp grounds in Pamplona, the video camera up on the passenger side of the car, and then start to see the continent of Europe.

We'll be there until after the running of the bulls, where myself and Denis will head up to Bieritz for a surf and then back to Barcelona to drop off the cars.  Then it's back to London, grab my stuff, and back on a plane for Australia.

And that's just the first 2 weeks of Summer!

It's been a busy last few months at work, but things are starting to look up for Surf the Dream and I can sense the regular posts on great adventures are not far away at all.


Anonymous said...

45min from Biaritz is San Sebastian, and 30 min from there is Mundaka make sure you work it in to your plans good beachies in the San Sebastian Region , Mundaka can be hardcore over 5ft but below that should be fun, take care see you soon


Birdman said...

Skev you legend!!!

I'm stopping off in San Sebastian on the drive down, but only for a night unfortunately.

We're heading up to Biaritz for a surf as mentioned, so hopefully the swell will be kind (4-5ft kind)

You still cav'ing in the morning for a coffee before work? Can't wait to catch up again soon!


Anonymous said...

Caving and Coffee clubing bro, it will be awesome to see all the video and photos you have taken, i assume it is all downloaded on your imac.
I think you might change your mind and stay a few more days in San Sebastian when you get there I could not leave dude, look for the underground food markets for an awesome cheap feed. Have fun ddue see you in a few weeks


Birdman said...

I'll be sure to get plenty of footage around san sebastian and biaritz for you to check as well. I'll give you a call the morning I get back, catch up for a coffee.