Friday, November 24, 2006

A brief set back

Well at least I hope it's brief.

In the effort to get myself fit for this trip I have once again managed to throw an injury into the mix just weeks away from the beggining.

Ij'm putting the injury down to the fact that I haven't practiced Yoga in about 4 weeks, so I suppose I've only got myself to blame.

I suffer from a re-occuring lower back injury which can put me out anywhere between a few days and a few months.

The absolute worse time I went down in the hallway from pain and lay there, unable to move, for about an hour before someone found me. That started a 2 week period going from flat on my back, to flat on my stomach, to the shower, often crawling there and back to the lounge room floor. After that I started back at work at first with 1/2 days standing up at the desk.

After 5 weeks the back pain had subsided, however the sciatica set in for the next two months and I lost the feeling between my toes, down the left hand side of my left calf, the bottom of my left foot, and I had a permanent pain in my left arse cheek (it's funny now, but at the time it was hell).

Last year it happened about 5 days away from my trip to bali, and because of my responsibilities at work I decided to brave it and go in. That decision probably caused the injury to last for about 2 weeks longer then it needed to, and kept me in quite a bit of pain for most of my holiday.

This time, I felt a niggle earlier in the week and felt it begin to go yesterday morning around 7am. By 11am I was at the physio to begin what seems to be an annual or biannual event (I'm sure I'm putting on of Tim's kids through uni).

What's also different about this time is I have no allegence to work and took yesterday afternoon and today off to make sure the problems starts to get better before it starts to get worse.

So fingers crossed after 4 days on my back everything will correct itself in tme for me to take my camera, couple of surfboards, guitar and bag on the tour down the eastern/southern coast of Australia.


Skye said...

That sucks the big one. Hope it takes pity on you and cures itself quick.

Are you not going on that year-long trek afterall?

Birdman said...

Hi Skye,

I am still heading on the year long trip, this was just an inbetweener!