Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mac Book

I just purchased a Mac Book for my trip.

I have to say that I'm having slight buyers remorse. But then again, I always seem to feel that way after a purchase. I felt like that after I bought the Canon XL1s, I felt like that after I bought my wide screen monitor, TV, DVD player, the 7S fish, and I'm sure after I buy the Canon HV10.

But now that I've bought it I have to wait until there's 30 days before I leave the country to get my next purchase, the Canon HV10. Hopefull over that time the camera will come down to under $1000.

As with all big purchases you tend to see the price come down shortly after the purchase, but lucky for me in the 20 hours since I got the laptop it hasn't budged.

I ended up saving about $500 on the the buy too, because Kara, my new bestest buddy, bought it through the university which gave me a huge discount. She got something out of the deal as well though (aside from being my bestest buddy), she picked up an IPOD Nano 8 gig for $181 ($199 off the normal price). After much discussion on what we'd get engraved on the back on the ipod (she didn't like my "Slutty slutty slut pants idea) we ended up going with "I fuking love!". I realise that it's misspelt, but apple don't like rude words on their equipment.

So I'm now waiting patiently for the new mac book to arrive, and I'm hoping it arrives at my current address before we have to move out.

I ended up going with
Mac Book 2.0 GHz
2 Gig Ram
160 Gig HD
3 year Apple Care warrenty
Final Cut Express HD

Now I just need a pack to carry it with (here I come and a camera to records stuff to it.

I'm hoping that I can make a little bit of money back on it doing some live video feeds at the local nightclub here, run around with a camera connected to the laptop and streaming through to a base station which ports the picture up on the big screen live and suped up with effects.

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