Tuesday, April 17, 2007

28 Days Plastic F%ck

28 Days Plastic F%ck

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28 Days ~ Plastic F%ck

I filmed this with the Canon XLS1 during a sunday session at the Cavenagh in 2006.

28 Days had played at http://www.bassinthegrass.com.au the day before and decided to belt out a set during one of the better Cav Sunday Sessions I've had.

During the filming I used tapes which had been used before, big mistake. When I captured the first hour of footage there was a reoccurring SCREEECH throughout the entire tape.


But lesson learned. Always, always, always use a new tape when recording anything. Make sure you run a tape cleaner through the camera before you start filming as well.

There was a second camera man filming while I was filming the discovery dancers a few weeks ago and he made the same mistake. The client even provided us with brand new tapes and he still used an old one. As you could imagine, the footage was ruined and we were only left with my front on angle.

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